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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates

If you are experiencing symptoms, please contact your health care provider or the Eastern Idaho Public Health COVID-19 hotline at 208-522-0310.

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CEI planning for the return of all employees to campus on or before June 15th


In accordance with the Governor’s phase-in stage guidelines, CEI administration is planning for the return of all employees to campus on or before June 15th, unless you are a faculty member. Although we understand statewide directives may change, here is our guidance for a planned return to campus:

  • Per the Governor’s return to work order – employees that do not have enough work to be productive from home during their assigned shift or those who want to come back to work may return on May 26, 2020. This needs to be coordinated with your supervisor
  • Continue to practice physical (social) distancing as we have in the past
  • Recommend wearing masks while indoors on campus. If physical (social) distancing cannot be adhered to, facemasks are required. This applies to classroom or lab settings when teaching occurs
  • Facemasks are recommended in common areas such as hallways, bathrooms, mailrooms, and break or lunchrooms
  • Sanitize your surface work areas regularly
  • Current Telecommuting Agreements that are on file with HR will be invalid on June 14th regardless of end date notated on the form
  • Telecommuting Agreements must be completed for June 15th and on. The form must be justified by the supervisor to work from home. Telecommuting forms will be available via E-forms, please contact HR for access
  • Immunocompromised employees need to work with HR for further work from home guidance

President Rick Aman

Click here for the Staged CEI Reopening Plan that was sent on 5/17/2020 for additional guidance.


College of Eastern Idaho and Idaho Falls Community

On Thursday, April 30, College of Eastern Idaho and Idaho Falls Community Hospital will host a virtual conversation on COVID-19 and its impacts on the local community through YouTube Live. Local medical experts will share practical tips on how to protect yourself, debunk misconceptions, and direct you to important local resources. The community conversation is free and everyone is invited to take part in the discussion. Join Thursday’s discussion using this link:



Governor Little announced today a four-stage plan to reopen Idaho businesses. The Governor's Office created Rebound.Idaho.Gov, a new online resource for Idahoans to track the state's progress in reopening the state's economy in stages to ensure a strong economic comeback.


Governor Little charts path to prosperity, extends


Governor Little charts path to prosperity, extends statewide stay-home order to April 30 with exceptions

Boise, Idaho – Governor Brad Little announced today that he is extending the statewide stay-home order to April 30, with exceptions for operations of formerly "non-essential" businesses, facilities, and services and new restrictions related to nonresident travel into the state.

"Idaho will be better positioned for a strong economic comeback because we are making difficult changes in how we live and work in the short-term," Governor Little said. "The statewide stay-home order is working to flatten the curve and slow the spread of coronavirus in Idaho, but the science tells us if you don't time these measures right then we could worsen the outcome for citizens' health and the economy weeks or months down the road."

Idahoans should continue to practice all the behaviors they have been doing since March 25, when Governor Little issued the 21-day order.

However, formerly "non-essential" facilities and services under the order may offer curbside and delivery services between now and April 30.

In addition, Governor Little's amended order issued today requires out-of-state travelers to self-quarantine in Idaho for 14 days after entering. Those performing essential services or those who live in one state and work or gain essential services in another state are excluded.

Governor Little also said "non-essential" businesses should prepare to reopen after April 30 as long as they prepare operational plans over the next two weeks to maintain social distancing for staff and patrons; provide adequate sanitation and protective coverings for employees, vendors, and patrons; offer curbside and pickup delivery; limit number of people in business at a time; and direct flow of people in the operation.

This excludes some "non-essential" businesses where people simply cannot safely social distance, such as nightclubs, bars, and restaurants for dine-in; indoor gyms and recreational facilities; hair and nail salons; convention and entertainment centers; and public events and gatherings.

He noted that may not occur if there is an upward trend of severe COVID-19 cases in Idaho between now and April 30.

"Rebounding to an economic recovery will require consumer confidence. Without therapeutics to treat symptoms of coronavirus, without a vaccine, and without herd immunity, consumers want to know businesses will adhere to strict practices to assure their health and safety. We can expect to go through phases of loosening and tightening of these measures until we do. In the meantime, I will continue to push for expanded access to testing," Governor Little added.

Governor Little will evaluate the order again closer to the end of the month.

"I want to thank the people of Idaho for doing an incredible job protecting their neighbors and themselves by following the statewide stay-home order. We are truly a state made up of people who care for each other," Governor Little said.

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CEI to Offer all GenEd Classes Online for the Summer Semester

College of Eastern Idaho (CEI) announces that the summer semester will be offered fully online. The summer semester begins June 1, with summer registration going on now. CEI continues the current semester after spring break with all general education courses now online.

"Given the uncertainty of the effects of the COVID-19 virus on our region, our CEI leadership team has decided to be proactive and deliver all general education classes online." President Rick Aman announced today. "As a new and innovative community college, our time and efforts have been focused both on campus-based programming and on flexible delivery through the use of technology."

Summer semester students can be admitted to CEI, be advised, receive support for financial aid, and have a tutorial on using CEI's learning management system — BlackBoard. During the 8 week summer semester, CEI can support a student with wrap-around services such as testing, tutoring, library, and advising all on a virtual online platform. CEI is prepared to scale with additional sections of the core general education requirements every student needs for transfer to a university.

In addition, CEI's Workforce Training & Continuing Education always offers hundreds of online classes to help you grow personally or professionally. Class offerings include everything from Home Schooling Essentials to online career certifications like Pharmacy Technician.

Visit to review the online course catalog and register.

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