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High School Early College Programs

Concurrent Enrollment For Counselors


The Office of Advanced Opportunities at College of Eastern Idaho (CEI) has two programs exclusively focused on Dual Credit for high school students:

  • Concurrent Enrollment requires high school students to attend college classes on the College of Eastern Idaho Campus.
  • The Dual Credit program allows high school teachers who meet the required qualifications to teach college level classes at the high school under the direction of a CEI mentor.

College of Eastern Idaho’s Dual Credit and Concurrent enrollment programs provide the opportunity for high school students to earn college credits at a reduced rate while still satisfying high school graduation requirements. CEI offers many challenging classes, all of which are available to high school students as long as they satisfy the prerequisites for the class.

CEI classes typically cover as much material in one semester as most high school classes cover in one year.

Steps to Becoming a CEI Student

The high school counselors can determine student eligibility and help them develop a plan. To qualify, a student must be at least 16 years of age and/or have completed one-half of their high school graduation requirements. A 3.0 GPA is required on state required subjects.

Concurrent Enrollment students pay a reduced tuition rate of $65 per credit.

Placement at College of Eastern Idaho

All first-time students must provide placement information to be able to register for several CEI General Education courses. Placement is based on: ACT, SAT, GAIN, MPEA, or MPEB.

Appointments for placement may be made by contacting the CEI campus testing center at (208) 535-5438.

If the student has taken the ACT, SAT, GAIN, MPEA, or MPEB and the scores are not in our system, please have them sent to the College of Eastern Idaho Admissions.

Mail or drop off to:
CEI Admissions
1600 S. 25th E.
Idaho Falls, ID 83404

Registering for Classes

  1. High School Counselors can help students identify open classes and class schedule by going to: – Select Current Student – Select Student Self-Service – Select Search for Sections
  2. Student must complete the Concurrent Enrollment Packet and get all required signatures.
  3. Obtain unofficial high school transcript and / or placement exam scores providing proof of prerequisite qualifications.
  4. Be prepared to pay any extra fees outside of tuition at the time of registration. Important: Students wishing to use Fast Forward Funds to take Concurrent Enrollment courses or exams MUST state this at the time of registration to get the discounted rate.
  5. Make sure the student applies for the Fast Forward Funds so they are not billed or dropped from the class for nonpayment.

Paying for Classes

Idaho State Department of Education - Office of Advanced Opportunities beginning July 1, 2016 The Fast Forward program provides every student attending an Idaho public school an allocation of $4,125.00 to use towards Advanced Opportunities in grades 7-12. The program was expanded by the Legislature in 2016 through the passing of House Bill 458. The fund can be used for:

Concurrent Enrollment Credits

Concurrent Enrollment courses are taken by high school students that are transcribed on their high school and college transcripts. Through concurrent enrollment, students enroll in CEI college-level classes at a significantly reduced tuition rate.

The Fast Forward program can pay the cost of $65.00/credit. However, students are responsible for the cost of lab and other fees, books, supplies, non-course related fees, and transportation to and from college. Traditional federal financial aid is not available for concurrently enrolled or dual credit students.


Students can utilize Fast Forward funds to pay for a variety of college-credit bearing or professional Technical exams at CEI. These include the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) and Career Technical Education (CTE) exams.

An Advanced Opportunities Participation Form allows students to participate in the Fast Forward program through the Idaho State Department of Education as authorized by Idaho Code 33, Chapter 46: Advanced Opportunities. By signing this form, the student and parent/guardian agree to the conditions and provisions of the program. The participation form needs to be signed and sent to their participating high school counselor and will be retained by the student’s school district.

The Idaho State Department of Education Advanced Opportunities website link:

Portal registration instructions are as follows:

Registration is a two-part process:

Step 1: The student must create an account with the State Department of Education.

  • Go to
  • Select “Create an Account”
  • Fill in all the information (if you don’t know your EDUID, leave it blank)
  • Choose “Enroll New Student” to submit
  • Verify the account, using the confirmation email sent to the student. (Sometimes these go to student spam folders. If they aren’t received instantly, there is a problem, please contact your high school counselor)

From here, your school will verify your account. Once this is done, the student may sign up for funding.

Step 2: Sign up for course or exam funding, once you know the account is active.

  • Go to and login
  • Choose “Student Landing” in the top left corner
  • Apply for funding
  • Choose Exam or Course
  • Register the information for that course/exam
    • Most courses or exams are available in a drop down menu.
    • Choose Fast Forward
  • Submit your registration

Reasons Students May Not Be Able to Register

  • Concurrent Enrollment packet was incomplete or missing signatures.
  • Payment for additional fees was not paid at the time of registration.
  • Placement Assessment scores may not satisfy requirements for class or were missing.
  • Outstanding tuition or fees on Student Account from previous semester.
  • If the student has taken college classes other than CEI, CEI needs an official transcript from that college (not the high school) to verify the course and grade. Student may need to do this if a prerequisite course is needed prior to registering for a CEI class.

College of Eastern Idaho, 208.524.3000, 1600 S 25th E, Idaho Falls, ID 83404

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