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Career & Technical Competency Program For Parents

Is Technical Competency a Good Choice for My Student?


Career & Technical Education (CTE) courses are geared to help students get high wage, high demand jobs in a more efficient cost-effective manner with an early start in high school.

To succeed in the Technical Competency program, your student should have good study skills, self-discipline, and motivation. They’ll need the maturity and initiative to attend class and participate at the same level as a regular college student. Students wishing to get college credit for Technical Competency courses should start planning as early as 8th grade. Many CTE credits take multiple years to complete with a series of courses equaling the end college credits. You can visit the website to learn more about SkillStack® Technical Competency Credits (TCC) & Badges.

Technical Competency Courses have many benefits:

  • Saving money on college classes by paying a reduced credit fee of $10.00 per credit as a Technical Competency Course student.
  • Completing a variety of Career & Technical Program 1st semester College courses in high school.
  • Convenience of taking classes on the high school campus.

Talk to your student’s high school counselor, as well as our Early College Transition Coordinator about whether the Technical Competency Program is a good match for your son or daughter.

How Does My Son/Daughter sign up for Technical Competency Course?

High school students are enrolled in Career & Technical classes during the designated high school registration. Check with your student’s counselor for course schedule & availability.

How to Transcript Credit

Information will be sent to the student at the completion of the school year from the postsecondary institution. It will provide the student with instructions for claiming the college credits issued through College of Eastern Idaho (CEI):

  1. Complete and sign a Credit Request form.

  2. Send the completed form to:
    College of Eastern Idaho
    Early College Programs
    1600 S. 25th E.
    Idaho Falls, ID 83404

  3. The student must request CEI to transcript Technical Competency Credits no later than two years after completing the course or postsecondary exam (when applicable) at $10 per credit upon enrollment at CEI.

  4. There is no additional cost for issuing the first transcript when the credits are initially purchased; additional transcripts are issued at a fee of $10.00 per transcript.

  5. The student may receive college credit for any or all of the courses for which he/she qualifies. (Please make sure the credits apply to the official College Program of study before purchasing the credits) Payment for the courses your student wishes to transcript must be attached to the Credit Request form and the form must be completed in its entirety and signed by the student.

    Technical Competency Credits may apply differently to specific programs.  Credits should be purchased with a clear understanding of how it may benefit the student.  For questions, please call Tonya Tracy (208) 535-5330.  


Students can utilize Fast Forward funds to pay for some Career Technical Education (CTE) exams. A full list of qualifying exams is available in the Resource Files.

The Idaho State Department of Education Advanced Opportunities website link.

Student Application Portal registration instructions are as follows:

Registration is a two-part process.


  • Go to Advanced Opportunities Portal
  • Select "Create an Account" 
  • Fill in all the information (If you don’t know your EDUID, leave it blank)
  • Choose “Enroll New Student” to submit
  • Verify the account, using the confirmation email sent to the student. (Sometimes these go to student spam folders. If they aren’t received instantly, there is a problem.) From here, your school will verify your account. Once this is done, you may sign up for funding.


  • Go to Advanced Opportunities Portal and login
  • Choose “Student Landing” 
  • Apply for funding
    • Choose Exam or Course
    • Register the information for that course/exam (Most courses/exams are available in a drop-down menu. If you don’t see your course/exam, contact your counselor. He/she may need to enter the course for you.)
    • Submit your registration (The counselor will then verify your registration. Payment will be disbursed directly to the college or school district at the end of the semester. Student accounts with providers may show a balance due until that time.)


    Students in Technical Competency courses can explore new and exciting journeys their academic, social, and personal life especially when they also participate in the related student organizations such as HOSA, BPA, FFA, etc.

    College Expectations

    The College of Eastern Idaho is required by law to inform students of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) which involves keeping student records confidential. Without a student’s written permission, CEI will not share student records with anyone but the student and appropriate college and high school representatives. Students will need an official signed Release of Information on file at CEI if parents wish to speak on their behalf. Further information is available from the Registrar’s Office at (208) 535-5476. 


    Contact our office for individual Technical Competency Course or Career Technical Education advising appointments (208) 535-5330.

College of Eastern Idaho, 208.524.3000, 1600 S 25th E, Idaho Falls, ID 83404

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