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Academic Responsibilities and Professional Obligations

The job of a faculty member is complex and challenging. Faculty deliver the core mission of the college, including teaching transfer, CTE, and professional students, stimulating scholarly discourse, and extending knowledge to the wider community. By their very nature, and by virtue of the high expectations the college has for faculty performance, these duties require deep knowledge, intellectual commitment, creativity, and original thought. CEI's faculty have these qualities in abundance.

Class and Term Responsibilities

Faculty Responsibilities

  • Faculty presence is vital to CEI's mission and core themes. Faculty member's active and regular participation in teaching, advising, mentoring, scholarly/creative activity, and service, fosters a vibrant and dynamic campus community.
  • In addition to instruction, faculty workload can include advising; serving on college committees and faculty senate; reporting for accreditation and program review; peer review; hiring; mentoring adjunct faculty; and other tasks as assigned.
  • All faculty members are expected to hold classes at the hours scheduled and to be available to students at appointed times. Students must be notified well in advance of changes in scheduling. Faculty members must report, to their respective department chair, their intention to be off campus due to sickness or for any other reason when class is in session. In the event of an absence, it is the faculty member's responsibility to provide an alternate learning opportunity for the students.
  • Faculty are expected to report 10th day attendance, midterm grades and final grades to the registrar by the deadlines set by the registrar.


  • Full-time faculty are expected to participate in all in-service meetings. Adjunct instructors are always welcome to attend in-service meetings, although not required to do so. These meetings are important for cross campus communication, professional development, and keeping current with activities occurring in other areas of the college.

Conduct of Classes

  • Faculty are expected to post class syllabi on the institutional Learning Management System (LMS) by the first day of class. The usual expectation is that a three-credit course will require approximately 6-9 hours of study time per week. Course requirements must be made clear to students, e.g. in a course syllabus.
  • All grades must be awarded strictly on the basis of performance in the course and for no other consideration. Faculty are expected to have integrity when assigning grades to students. Grades must be reflective of the student's participation, engagement, and knowledge. Faculty are expected to keep grades in the current institutional LMS, and students' grades are expected to be updated regularly. It is the expectation that grades will be posted within two weeks of the assignment's due date. Exceptions to this rule include the grading of large or more involved assignments. However, the faculty member is expected to notify students in advance if the grading of an assignment will go beyond the two-week window.
  • Students' access to their current grades on the LMS must be available at all times.
  • Students must never be asked to purchase other programs for the use of keeping grades.
  • Instruction may be given using multiple modalities for both face-to-face and online courses. Instructors who have face-to-face classes, can utilize the LMS to aid instruction.


  • Faculty are expected to be on campus a minimum of 30 hours per week. Faculty are also expected to be on campus and available Monday-Friday for a specified amount or five days a week if working on Saturdays. Faculty may work with their respective Dean to adjust this work schedule, keeping in mind that CEI has a telecommuting policy (206) that must be adhered to if altering the expected work schedule. Faculty shall fulfill service to the college as part of the 30 hours on campus. Faculty and Deans will work cooperatively to understand the service needs of the college and leverage faculty expertise and experience to best serve CEI. Service work could include, but is not limited to, serving on committees, accreditation, assessment, professional development, advisor to student clubs, curriculum development, and working with external businesses, industry, profession organizations or collaboration with colleagues from other colleges. Commitment to and performance of service will be part of faculty annual evaluations.
  • Faculty will display a schedule of availability outside their office door including class times and set times for office hours. Faculty will hold a minimum of one hour of office hours per day, 5 days per week. Faculty will be expected to adhere to their posted times and be available to students during these times. All availability for office hours must be clearly designated on the syllabus. Students must know how to contact their instructor whether it be a full-time instructor or an adjunct instructor, and that instructor must be responsive to the student's needs in a timely manner. It is expected that communications from students will be returned within 24-48 hours, excluding weekends.
  • Faculty workloads may vary within specialized programs. These programs can establish workload guidelines that will apply only to faculty within the specified program. The appropriate dean must approve these guidelines.
  • A suggested division of time spent on campus for a full-time faculty member is as follows:
Contact Hours 15-16 / Per Week Lecture / Lap
Office Hours Minimum 5/per week Advising, student conferencing, grading, class preparation, etc. (at least 1 hour 5 days/week posted for student access to the faculty member).
Campus Hours Minimum 9-10/per week Flexible campus hours that allow time to engage in committee assignments, department/division meetings, office work, grading, and professional development.
30 Hours on campus per week minimum

Teaching Load

  • Full-time faculty on a 9-month contract are expected to teach no more than 32 credits total for fall and spring. Faculty on 11-month contracts are expected to teach no more than 32 credits in the fall and spring and no more than 6 credits in the summer.
  • Credit/contact hours exceeding the prescribed course load will be considered overload and the faculty member will incur overload pay. A maximum of three credits of overload may be carried each term. Faculty may work with their Dean to teach more than the three-credit minimum overload. The appropriate supervisor must approve all overloads in advance. Faculty who are requested to teach overload course assignments have the right to refuse such assignments.


  • Full-time faculty are expected to spend part of their contracted time in service to the college. This can be accomplished in many ways which can include committee work, advising clubs, participating in service oriented groups on campus, etc. Faculty must consult with their Instructional Deans if they need clarification as to what constitutes service at CEI. Service is an expected part of a faculty member's yearly goals and is captured in their annual evaluation.


  • Advising is part of the responsibility of faculty. Good advising relies on faculty concern for the questions students have about their studies, their intellectual and personal development in and out of the classroom, and their goals after graduation. Well-planned advising sessions are one way to help students to reflect on their education and to make plans for the future.
  • Providing accurate information to students is an important element of the advising process. Every faculty member is expected to know the graduation requirements and other academic regulation and policies of the college. Faculty members must be familiar with information in the CEI catalog and student handbook.


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