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CEI Pathways

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What are Pathways?

CEI Pathways are designed to help student’s select lower division courses at CEI that will prepare them for an area of study at a four-year college or university. These students may have a fair idea of what they would like to major after they transfer from CEI.

Students are encouraged to use the Pathway’s academic plan as a guide to use with their faculty advisor while planning their courses at CEI. They are used as parallel plans. For example, if a student wants to work in forensics, but has no idea what university or college they are interested in, he or she could look at multiple pathways such as Chemistry or Criminology, then schedule a time to meet with a faculty advisor and make an academic plan that works best for them. Once the student gets a better idea of what program and at what university or college they would like to study, the student and advisor can move on to a more specific plan or 2+2.

Why Pathways?

Pathways and 2+2’s provide academic plans to assist students in selecting courses that will be beneficial to them when they transfer to complete a bachelor degree. Imagine 2+2’s are bridges and Pathways are – well – pathways. The 2+2’s are established bridges built directly between CEI and a specific university or college for a specific program of study. The pathway is a guided direction, but has more flexibility for the student to explore what or where they might like to study. The benefit of both is that students will begin taking classes that will count towards their bachelor degrees, while still earning their associates degree. Pathways and 2+2’s also alleviate the fear of transfers by selecting courses that will easily transfer and have a direct equivalency to local universities and colleges.

Want an idea of how your courses will potentially transfer? Visit this Idaho public college student navigation website.

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Math Pathways

View Math Pathways to find out what math classes you will need for your degree.


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