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Welcome to CEI online learning! This portal page is designed specifically for you. Follow the links for valuable information regarding online learning at CEI. Please take time to review the links below to learn more about online learning and how to be a successful online learning student.

Is online learning for you?

Online learning courses are an opportunity to increase your educational opportunities and offers great flexibility for students of all skill sets. However, online courses can, in many cases, require more time and work than traditional courses. Face-to-face courses require you to attend the class at a set time, and you are typically required to spend at least three hours of time studying and doing homework outside of class for every hour of in-class time. With an online course, you must be dedicated and self-motivated to learn and understand the course syllabus and the deadlines required of learning course materials and completing activities for submission. As an online student, you may also be required to provide a social presence in the course by providing discussion forum feedback or working in small groups on projects. The time spent logging in and checking for new course materials, discussion opportunities, or studying for and taking an exam can be taxing.

Online courses are not a right fit for everyone. To determine if online courses are right for you, please participate in the Online Readiness Survey: Online Learning Readiness Questionnaire. This quick self-survey will ask you questions about your learning style and motivations for participating in an online course. The results should provide you with a better understanding of your online learning skills.

This is not a graded test, so please be as honest as possible with your answers. Once you've finished answering all of the questions, click on the "Submit" button to view the results. These results are for your information and are not a Blackboard graded item or assignment. The results are simply to give you an idea of how well you may or may not fit into an online learning environment.

More questions to ask yourself about being an online student

  • Are you self-directed and motivated?
  • Are your technical skills adequate?
  • Do you have strong reading and writing skills?
  • Will you ask questions when you need to?
  • Will you miss the social interaction?
  • Do you have the discipline to study regularly?

People who are best suited for online courses

  • Self-motivated, takes initiative, and are responsible to accept the challenge of being an independent learner.
  • Have the ability to read and comprehend subject matter without it being a chore.
  • Self-disciplined with the capability to effectively budget time and follow strict deadlines.
  • Possess basic computer skills and experience.
    • Here are two free resources to refresh yourself on basic computer skills:
      • Computer Basics Tutorials - These tutorials are most helpful if you are new to computers or if you would like to upgrade your existing computing skills.
      • Internet Basics Tutorial - Become Internet savvy with tutorials on how to connect to the Internet, navigate websites, maintain your online safety, and network socially while online.
  • Are comfortable with multiple forms of technology, especially web-based technology.
  • Able to communicate well in writing and easily express thoughts and ideas.
  • Have reliable access to the Internet.
  • Have a reliable computer or laptop and access to other technologies as required for each course.
  • Not afraid to ask questions, ask for assistance, or initiate contact with teachers when needed.

How to succeed online

To learn more about strategies on how to succeed in an online course please review the web resource: How to Succeed Online.

This resource provides the top three reasons why some community college students do not succeed in an online course. And provides three alternatives for success

  • Stay current
  • Plan for the unplanned
  • Work your coursework into your life

For additional resources on how to be a successful online student, click on the following links:

  • How to be a Successful Online Learner
  • What Makes a Successful Online Student?
  • Characteristics of a Successful Online Student
  • Five-step Strategy for Student Success with Online Learning

Are online courses right for you? Take this quick survey to find out!

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