Section 1: Stay Informed

In an emergency, the College of Eastern Idaho website is a primary source of information. During an emergency or when college operations are interrupted, regular updates will be posted at

College of Eastern Idaho utilizes several different channels to notify students and employees of emergency situations, interruptions, closures, and safety-related information including:


RAVE Mobile Safety is CEI’s tool used for communicating important notifications to the college community. RAVE is a notification system that allows subscribers to receive important notifications via text (SMS), voice and email. Students and employees are automatically enrolled in this service based on the information provided to CEI when enrolled or hired. Make sure to update your information regularly.

Manage your account at


When College operations are interrupted due to inclement weather or other similar circumstances, the College website, Facebook, and news media channels will be the main source of closure information

(See Campus Closures).


There are campus phones in almost every room on campus. Campus Security can be reached at 208-535-5432 or in the event of an emergency please dial emergency services by dialing 911 or 8-911.


The Facilities and Operations department, working alongside the Vice President of Finance and Administration, are committed to supporting a culture of safety and security at College of Eastern Idaho. These departments are responsible for security, parking services, conducting investigations, and emergency management/business continuity.

Our security officers respond in an “observe and report” capacity to violations related to College policies and regulations, federal and state statutes and municipal/regional by-laws. They will conduct minor investigations and will lend support in contacting local police services and/or agencies, as required. In addition, security officers conduct routine patrols of all buildings, grounds, and parking areas of the main campus and respond to all calls for service, and any intrusion alarms that may be activated. CEI security officers are NOT emergency responders.

For All Emergencies
Dial 911
Then Contact
The Campus Security at:
(208) 604-4597 EXT. 5432


If you are working late at night, alone or in an isolated area on campus you are asked to notify Campus Security. Security will make regular checks to ensure your safety and security while working late at night. Campus Security staff can also provide an escort service to your vehicle if requested. Please remember to contact Campus Security when you are leaving.

Parking Lot Safety:

Basic safety principals that you can use to help keep you safe when traveling to and from your vehicle:

Always try to walk with a fellow student or coworker. Give your escort a ride back to the main entrance so they do not have to walk back alone. You can also request an escort to your vehicle by contacting Campus Security.

CEI Security
Bldg 1 Rm 113

Office: 6am - 11pm
On Call: 24hrs