Safety Tips

Safety is not something to overlook. In our everyday lives there are many things we all routinely do that leave us vulnerable to an assailant or even the elements. These are a few tips to implement in your daily routine to help make you more aware of your habits and surroundings.

Safety tips

Any time you are on campus it is good there could be various reasons you need security. Whether it be an escort to or from class, a medical emergency, natural disaster or an active shooter, knowing the security phone number is important.

Security Office: 208-604-4597. Someone will answer around the clock and get you help. If you need to speak in person the Security Office is located in Building 1 room 113 officers are on campus from 6am until 11pm during the week and until 4pm on the weekends.

Make sure you live in the moment not in your phone or music. Almost everyone can agree that once we put our headphones on the music takes over. We also have a habit of being fully enveloped in our social media for many hours a day

These things are great entertainment but can create a barrier between us and what’s happening around us. If you are using your phone or tablet in this way make sure you take a moment to see what is happening around you. Put your phone away, turn the music down or close the apps on the phone and look at who is around you and where you are. Looking around and paying attention could prevent you from becoming a victim of a crime.

Walking around any where alone can leave a person vulnerable to attack. Always find a buddy to walk with. This goes for on campus and while out around town. One person is easy for an attacker but multiple people will make the attacker think twice.

While on campus make sure to call security for an escort if you are walking to your car alone. If class is ending coordinate with your classmates and teacher to walk together to the parking lot. Even as a group you can call for a security presence in the parking lot you everyone feels uneasy

It is important that you know the whole campus. There may come a time when you have to have to find an office you haven’t been to before. In an emergency situation you may need to run and hide from the situation. Knowing the campus allows you to find a good place to keep you safe.

It is also important to know the best lit areas of the campus to walk in at night. This could also mean the shortest distance from your class to your car. There may be events around campus that make it difficult to travel on the path you normally take. Staying up to date on campus events allows you to know the campus and what is happening on it

Whether you are on campus or off you should always have a plan of escape during an emergency. When you enter a room on campus note where the exits are located and what may be in your path on your way out of the room.

Create a plan in your head for different scenarios and what you are going to do. Scenarios could be as simple as leaving campus during a busy time and trying to avoid traffic. They could also be an active shooter situation. These types of scenarios help you mentally prepare for the event. Once you have practiced the scenarios a few times in your head you should have your steps ironed out and can help others prepare as well.

When preparing for a long trip there are a few things to remember to help get you to your destination.

Before heading out on the road make sure you check your vehicles oil level, tire pressure, wiper blade and wiper fluid. This will make sure your car is ready for the drive.

While on the road make sure you have enough gas to make it to the next scheduled stop. Running out of gas is not just a delay but can be dangerous on the road. Pack tools to help take care of any issues you may run into. Always have food and drinks to keep you going during your drive. If you have little ones make sure you have things to keep them entertained so you don’t want to turn the car around and go home. Having mad libs and a scavenger hunt card, a Blu-ray player, coloring books and crayons. Lastly be prepared for the weather you may hit on your trip. If your travels take you through cold climates make sure you keep warm clothing and blankets in the car in case you break down. If the trip is going to be hot make sure you take plenty of water for everyone on the trip.

We all have heard many times to not drink and drive, and to drink responsibly. Most people won’t read this section because “they already know this”, if that were the case why are they so many drunk driving incidents every year?

We all have heard many times to not drink and drive, and to drink responsibly. Most people won’t read this section because “they already know this”, if that were the case why are they so many drunk driving incidents every year?

Be smart and call someone to get you after drinks have been had. “It’s what all the cool kids are doing” or whatever saying will make you want to make better choices. Just don’t be afraid to get a driver.

If you feel uneasy about someone or something don’t be afraid to leave the area and let security know. Instincts are important and should be listened to. Just always remember if you see something, say something. Call security, tell the counselor let someone know so the situation can be monitored.

It is always better to safe then sorry in any situation. If you feel unsafe communicate that with security or the nearest college official. This could change the outcome of a bad situation and help a lot of people around you.

The parking lot of a business is an easy target for criminals. There are a few things to remember when parking your vehicle:

  1. Make sure all valuable items are out of sight. Don’t give a criminal a reason to break into your car.
  2. Always park in a well-lit area of the parking lot. Walking to a dark car is not safe for anyone and leaves you open to attack.
  3. Situational awareness is key. When walking to and from your vehicle make sure you scan the parking lot. There could be someone watching vehicles waiting for a driver to make a mistake and become the next victim.
  4. If you see something out of the ordinary in the parking lot, tell the store. Most places have security you can notify but finding a manager is not a bad idea. The store can monitor on their cameras and notify the police of the activity and you just save people from becoming a victim.
  5. Have your keys out. Make sure you are ready to get in the car when you get there. This shows someone watching that you could potentially get away from them easily and the keys can be used as a weapon.


Emergency Operations

College of Eastern Idaho (CEI) is committed to the safety and security of all members of the campus community. In times of emergency, CEI will provide appropriate campus-wide response to assure life safety and to minimize losses through a variety of means including the emergency alert system (RAVE Mobile Safety), CEI website, and local media. The items on this page are the set plan of response to each specific emergency situation

Clery Act

As part of College of Eastern Idaho's (CEI's) commitment to safety and security on campus, and in compliance with the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act, the College provides access to its safety and security annual reports for students, staff, and community stakeholders.

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