What is Governance?

CEI is your community campus! We make our decisions with your help. Explore our governance pages to see how.

Present Rick Aman

Meet the President

Dr. Rick Aman


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President's Advisory Council (PAC)

The President utilizes the guidance and support of the President’s Advisory Council (PAC) to manage the day-to-day operations of the college and its futuring strategy. PAC uses CEI's mission and core themes to shape every practice, and they ensure that focus is continued in all the college’s programs and services. PAC fosters a culture of communication and engagement among college leadership, and they promote partnership and innovation throughout CEI.

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Planning for our Future

The majority of the buildings at CEI are over 40 years old. They are inadequate for today’s technology-based careers. CEI is the only institution in Idaho without a Career and Technical Education (CTE) building. Programs and Curriculum will include Cyber, ESTEC (Energy Systems), Nuclear Technician, Computer Network Technician, Software/Web, Radiation Safety, Agri-Tech, Engineering Technician, GIS Modeling/Virtual Reality, Machine Tool Technology/Advanced Manufacturing, Battery, and Solar.

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Proposed new Career and Technical Education (CTE) building

Plans & Policies

The Framework outlines consistent assessment measures, as well as the short-term initiatives that spring from them. Ultimately, the Framework shows the collaborative strength of CEI’s participatory governance. It shows how CEI ties all our content experts into a cohesive whole capable of moving the College into our desired future.

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