Governance Structure

College of Eastern Idaho utilizes a participatory governance model, and its interactions shape and inform the our mission-driven plans, policies, and resource allocations.

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CEI’s duly elected Board of Trustees acts as the college’s governmental authority, as the participatory governance chart shows. The Board ensures that every significant collegiate decision meets the aspirations of our Southeast Idaho community. The Board delegates authority to the President, PAC, and our content experts to perform the college’s day-to-day functions, as represented by our organizational charts. Ultimately, though, every decision resides under the Board’s review.

The President and their Advisory Council ensures that broad campus input sets our priorities, allocates resources, and maps them to the college’s mission and mission fulfillment criteria . In particular, the college’s governance structure provides a framework for the implementation of operational-level and strategic planning, which flow across divisions and committees.

The governance structure is designed so there is bilateral communication throughout the entire organization. This allows nimble decision-making, while guaranteeing appropriate oversight.

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