Gateway to Opportunity

The majority of the buildings at CEI are over 40 years old. They are inadequate for today’s technology-based careers. CEI is the only institution in Idaho without a Career and Technical Education (CTE) building.

Programs and Curriculum will include Cyber, ESTEC (Energy Systems), Nuclear Technician, Computer Network Technician, Software/Web, Radiation Safety, Agri-Tech, Engineering Technician, GIS Modeling/Virtual Reality, Machine Tool Technology/Advanced Manufacturing, Battery, and Solar.

Project Summary

  • 88,000 SF for Learning and Collaboration
  • 4,800 square foot conference center
  • State of the art classrooms
  • Field testing laboratories
  • Build laboratories
  • Secure Operations Center (SOC)

Why CEI?

  • 17,355 students served in 2020-2021
  • 97%+ placement for CTE students
  • CEI was the only post-secondary institution in Idaho to increase enrollment in Fall 2020: up to 11% overall and 34% in high school dual credit courses.
  • CEI is about 1/3 of the cost of Idaho universities
  • One of only a few colleges located adjacent to a National Laboratory
  • Support for Agribusiness: Our region's agribusiness now demands a technology focus.


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Floor 2

Future Tech Participants

College of Eastern Idaho
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