Co-Enrollment is a special admissions process that allows a student to be admitted at College of Eastern Idaho and a partner institution. Students who are Co-Enrolled will be able to take classes at both institutions while using their financial aid. Students will also be allowed to use the services both institutions offer.

Why Choose Co-Enrollment

  • Seamless transfer of credits
  • Academic Advisors at both campuses
  • Financial Aid consortium agreement will help students who are enrolled at both institutions
  • Save money
  • Receive resources from both campuses for free
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Partner Universities

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Office Information:
Located in Building 3, Room 351
P: (208) 524-3000 Ext. 2
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Senior Coordinator of
Virtual Campus and Advising

Josh Peterson
O: (208) 535-5382

Academic Advisor
Andie Lerum
O: (208) 535-5302

Academic Advisor
Barry Johnson
O: (208) 535-5612

Advising Administrative Assistant
Maria Bates
O: (208) 535-5301