Getting Started with Advising

Benefits of Advising

Advising is an essential part of College of Eastern Idaho's commitment to helping students achieve their academic goals. Advisors help every step of the way with things like major exploration, career planning, and other areas of support. We encourage students to reach out to an advisor to help them on their academic journey.


  • Minor career exploration
  • Class Registration
  • Area of Study planning
  • Academic Maps
  • Stay on track for Graduation
  • Degree Requirements
  • Program Information
  • Transfer Opportunities
  • Co-Admission with other universities
  • Academic Petitions
  • Policies and Procedures

15 to Finish

15 to Finish is a program where you will take at least 15 credits during the fall and spring semesters. If you take at least 15 credits every semester, you will finish your associates degree in two years and will be ready to transfer to your university of choice.

Momentum Year is about helping you gain and sustain progress at the beginning of your college journey. We do this by helping you get into math and English earlier and finishing faster. We Have our Jump Start Program and Academic and Career Exploration class which will help you progress through your first year of your college degree.

Math and English Placement You are required to have placement to take math and English.
If your scores do not meet the required placement for English and/or math you can still take them. You will be required to take an additional one credit lab for both English 101, math 143 (college algebra), and math 153 (statistical reasoning). You can also take math 108 (intermediate algebra) without a lab even if you do not place into it.

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Co-Enrollment is a special admissions process that allows a student to be admitted at College of Eastern Idaho and a partner institution. Students who are Co-Enrolled will be able to take classes at both institutions while using their financial aid.

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Academic Standing

To maintain good academic standing, the student is expected to make continued progress toward the completion of their selected program of study.

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Meet Our Advisors

Need help with Registering or have academic questions? Come meet our Advisors!

Our Advisors

Office Information:
Located in Building 3, Room 351
P: (208) 524-3000 Ext. 2
Call or email make an appointment

Senior Coordinator of
Virtual Campus and Advising

Josh Peterson
O: (208) 535-5382

Academic Advisor
Andie Lerum
O: (208) 535-5302

Academic Advisor
Barry Johnson
O: (208) 535-5612

Advising Administrative Assistant
Maria Bates
O: (208) 535-5301