Facility Rental Agreement

Terms and Conditions

If granted permission to use the property or facility and, if any, equipment or services, it is agreed:

  1. The requesting organization or individual granted use (and those granted access to the property of facility thereby) must comply with all applicable federal, state, and local laws and ordinances, as well as College of Eastern Idaho policies and procedures as set forth below and in other College publications whether now or hereafter adopted. Those found to be in violation of such rules and/or who behave in an unsafe or careless manner while on College of Eastern Idaho property may be asked to leave the College immediately and will be held responsible for their actions.

  2. The use of the property or facilities will not in any way interfere with the operations of College of Eastern Idaho or any of the programs or activities of the college. If required for College purposes, it is understood that the right is reserved to withdraw or rescind the grant of the use of the property or facilities on short notice.

  3. The activities to be conducted within the College facilities shall be designed to foster the attainment of positive educational, cultural, recreational, social or civic goals and shall in no manner be directed to activities which involve or encourage the violation of local ordinances, state statutes or federal laws.

  4. Alcoholic beverages will not be brought onto College property or in its facilities.

  5. Smoking, tobacco use, and tobacco sales (including smokeless tobacco products) are prohibited on CEI owned, operated, or leased properties including parking lots, walkways, sidewalks, and college-owned and private vehicles parked or operated on college property.

  6. No improvements or structures will be constructed upon College property or in its facilities unless approved in writing. No stakes, moorings or other objects will be placed in the ground or blacktop if such areas are to be used.

  7. No posters, banners or other informational signage may be attached to walls, doors or windows. Necessary signage must be displayed on easels.

  8. College property, facilities or equipment will be used in a careful and prudent manner so as to prevent any loss, defacement or damage. Good order and discipline will be maintained.

  9. No items will be sold in or on College property or facilities unless approved in writing.

  10. Within 30 minutes after the ending hour of use, the property or facilities will be vacated and left in as good condition as when such use began. Unless payment is made for clean-up and clean-up is specifically requested, the property or facilities will be left in a thoroughly clean condition. Performance of clean-up by College will not diminish any liability for damages.

  11. Refunds or additional payments, if any, will be made within 30 days after use.

  12. Room or Space rates quoted are for the basic use of the facilities and support staff. Rates do not include catering, parking, equipment rental, and audiovisual, additional hours over contracted period, or any additional support staff that may be required.

  13. The requesting organization (and the undersigned officer, agent or representative thereof individually and jointly and severally with the organization) or individual, agrees (A) to pay for any loss or damages to person or property or claims therefore resulting to arising from the use of College property or facilities by such organization or individual (and those granted access to the facility thereby) whether from an occurrence at the property or facility itself during such use, before or after such use, going to and from such use, in or about available parking areas, or otherwise, (B) to reimburse or hold harmless the College, and Board of Trustees, and the members, agents and employees thereof from any such loss, damage or claim, including, but not limited to, it’s or their attorney’s fees, and (C) to pay any attorney fees and costs paid or incurred by College of Eastern Idaho to enforce any obligations imposed under this paragraph or otherwise in this application

  14. The requesting organization or individual shall provide public liability insurance for personal injury and/or property damage as specified. A Certificate of Liability Insurance in the amount of $1,000,000 is required with College of Eastern Idaho named as first insured. This certificate should be received seven working days prior to the event.

Note: Approved use is confined to the immediate proximity of “Designated Location” only. It is also understood and agreed that all conditions of this agreement must be met prior to use.