What is Calm?

Calm is a mindfulness app which can help you find inner peace and navigate life’s stressors through guided meditation, soundscapes and sleep stories. In a nutshell, it’s a quick and simple tool to improve your mental health.

All members of the Falcon Family will have free access to the app until September of 2024, thanks to funding awarded in 2022 through HEERF (Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund).

Just click the link below, sign up/login with the email address of your choice, and validate your school/work email address.

Calm Music

The music category, including soundscapes is especially well-loved by the Falcon Family. Try it today!

Calm Music

Testimonials from CEI Calm Users

“This app has changed my life in many ways. I had the app downloaded but didn't use it because I didn't have enough money to have the full version but being able to use the app and it's entirety through the college of Eastern Idaho has helped me with my classes my mental health and my overall state of being.”

“I love having Calm, I use it to meditate every night before bed!!”

“The availability for the calm app for students is awesome. It helps me go to sleep, it helps me before work, and it helps me in my everyday life not only in my student life. I love that we have resources like this.”

Having trouble?

If you are currently enrolled or employed at CEI, and you aren’t able to get access through the link above, please contact the Counseling Center for assistance. The eligibility file is updated a minimum of once a month, and we’re happy to update the file whenever it is needed. Just let us know! (208) 535-5392 or email counseling.center@cei.edu

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