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This page was designed to assist faculty in interacting with students with disabilities at College of Eastern Idaho (CEI). It addresses legislation and the rights and responsibilities of faculty. It was adapted from the Rights and Responsibilities of Faculty Concerning Students With Disabilities handbook, which was previously published and disseminated by CEI. Copies of the original Handbook are available in the Disability Resource Center.

Guidelines for Determining Flexibility in Attendance

Students are expected and encouraged to attend class. Faculty have a right to establish attendance policies. However, if a student has a disability that may occasionally impact his/her ability to attend class and/or complete assignments and tests at the scheduled time, flexibility in attendance is considered an appropriate accommodation. Hopefully, a student’s disability will not interfere with attendance; however, if the student has disability related absences during the semester, the accommodation allows for flexibility in attendance policies and make-up work.

Department guidelines

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Department Guidelines

Know Your Rights & Responsibilities

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Rights & Responsibilities

Syllabus Statement

A copy of the ADA statement, which should be included on all course syllabi, can be found on the “Syllabus Statement” section of the Disability Resource Center website. During the first scheduled class session, faculty are asked to make a general announcement regarding the availability of accommodations through the Disability Resource Center.

ADA Syllabus

If you have questions or concerns contact the Disability Resource Center (DRC) by visiting Building 5, Room 591; by calling (208) 535-5462; or by emailing disability.resources@cei.edu.

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