College of Eastern Idaho offers a variety of college classes and training options for high school students. Courses are available at local high schools, through IDLA, on the CEI campus, online, and via distance learning. Students who participate will experience college coursework and processes, earn transferable credit, and explore college pathways. There are many courses available that serve a variety of interests and goals. Students can earn individual course credits, degrees & certificates, and industry certifications.

Studies show students who participate in Early College are more likely to attend college and continue their education after high school.


College of Eastern Idaho charges $75 per credit tuition to high school students. Through the State of Idaho Advanced Opportunities program, most Idaho public high school students qualify for funding assistance to pay their tuition. Additional costs or fees may apply depending on the type of course the student elects to take.

Student Qualification

  • 3.0 high school GPA is required for 9th and 10th graders.
  • 2.7 high school GPA is recommended for 11th and 12th graders.
  • High School Guidance Counselor recommendation is required for all students.
  • Age restrictions apply to some classes.
  • Prerequisites apply to some classes (English, Math, Science)

Courses Types

  • Dual Credit
    • Courses are taught at a high school location by an approved instructor or online through IDLA.
    • No fees.
    • Textbooks are the responsibility of the student if not provided by the high school.
  • Concurrent Enrollment
    • Courses are taken on a CEI campus or online.
    • Courses are taught on the CEI schedule by CEI faculty.
    • Fees and textbooks are the student responsibility.
    • Students must be 16 years old by the first day of class.
  • Workforce Training
    • Certificate programs and classes.
    • The minimum age requirement is 16. Additional age restrictions vary by program.
    • Cost and location vary by program.
    • Some classes and programs are eligible for Advanced Opportunities funding.

Program & Participation Details

  • Early College Programs offers college level courses. Course content, materials, and curriculum are the same for Early College students as for all students at CEI. College coursework may contain sensitive content that will not be waived for Early College participants.
  • Students are responsible for the outcome of their coursework.
  • Grades earned will be recorded on a permanent college transcript.
  • If a student uses Advanced Opportunities funding to pay their tuition, they are subject to rules set forth by that program.
  • Advanced Opportunities funding is available to most students to pay for tuition. It is the student’s responsibility to request funding in the Advanced Opportunities portal.
    • Charges not allowed by Advanced Opportunities are the responsibility of the student. If the student neglects to apply for Advanced Opportunities funds, runs out of funds, or has a hold for prior course failure/incompletion, they will be billed.
    • Charges not allowed by Advanced Opportunities must be paid on or before the term fee deadline. (See ECP website for specific deadlines)
  • Students are responsible to meet college deadlines.
  • Drop and withdrawal options are available to early college students under the deadlines posted on the Early College website.
    • CEI tuition/fee refund policies apply to early college students regardless of who paid for the class (3rd party pay such as Advanced Opportunities or self-pay)
  • Early College students are limited in the number of credit hours of college work that can be taken per semester with CEI.
    • 11th & 12th graders are limited to 10 credits per semester.
    • 9th & 10th graders are limited to 4 credits per semester.
    • A student may appeal to take a higher credit load after successful completion (C- or higher) of their first semester course(s).
  • College of Eastern Idaho is not responsible for how the credits transfer back to a high school. It is recommended that the student consults with their high school counselor to verify how the college credits will transfer back to their high school prior to course registration.
  • Some courses have placement requirements that can be satisfied with ACT, SAT, ALEKS, ACCUPLACER, or prior coursework.
    • CEI must receive proof of pre-requisites along with registration form.
    • CEI Testing Services is available for ALEKS and ACCUPLACER testing (fees apply). Call 208-535-5438 to arrange testing.
  • Students must be 16 years old by the first day of class if taking concurrent enrollment courses on campus or CEI online.
  • FERPA Notice: College of Eastern Idaho is required by law, regardless of age, to keep student records confidential. Without express permission, we cannot share student records with anyone but the student. If a student wishes to allow CEI to disclose records to a third party, the student must submit a Release of Information form to CEI and show a government issued ID. The Release of Information Form is located on the Early College website.
  • Once payment is finalized for the semester, changes cannot be made to student accounts.
  • Academic Advising is available to all high school students regardless of participation in CEI courses.
  • Academic tutoring is available to all high school students regardless of participation in CEI courses.
  • CEI Early College students have full access to CEI student support services.
  • CEI offers accommodations to students under college guidelines and policies.
  • All Early College students are issued CEI student IT accounts. Students are sent instructions to activate their account upon admission to CEI. Students can should learn to check their college accounts including CEI email, self-service, and canvas.

Schedule Advising Appointment
Early College Programs
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Mary Stephenson
Director, Early College Programs
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Academic Advisor, Early College
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Academic Advisor, Early College
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Region 6 Transition Coordinator
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Early College Coordinator
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