Frequently Asked Questions

You will apply for Financial Aid by filling out the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) at The FAFSA is a free Application. Our Financial Aid office has a card that is a guide to help you fill out the FAFSA.

Most of our degree seeking programs are eligible for aid. You can look in the catalog and it will indicate next to the program name whether it is financial aid eligible or not. The CNA course on its own is not eligible for aid, but when accepted into the nursing program it is eligible. Further questions can be referred to the financial aid staff.

We have priority processing deadline for each semester. Those students that apply by the deadline will have their aid processed before tuition and fees are due. Students can apply after the priority deadline with the understanding that we won’t guarantee their aid will be available to pay their fees or that their check will be available the Friday before classes begin.

Fall – June 1st
Spring – November 1st
Summer – February 1st

*In order to meet the priority deadlines, all information must be turned in correct, complete, and ready to award by the priority date for the semester you wish to be awarded.

FAFSA: No. This has to be completed once a year. One school year will cover from July 1 to June 30 (Fall semester- Summer semester) of the next year.

Entrance Loan Counseling: No, once you have completed entrance counseling you will not have to do it again.

Master Promissory Note (MPN): No, once you sign an MPN it is good for 10 years.

Exit Counseling: No, exit counseling should be completed once you leave CEI for good whether you are graduating or withdrawing.

There are a few ways to recieve your refund:

  1. E-refund (direct deposit) - Sign up through Self-Service. [Recommended]
  2. By Mail - Verify mailing address with the Cashier, 208-524-3000 opt 3
  3. Pick up at the Cashier's Office - Fill out a form at the Cashier.

NOTE: Refunds are processed the week before classes begin. Funds should be available the Friday before a semester begins, if you are registered and have completed everything needed for your FAFSA. For students that register the week before classes begin or those that filled out the FAFSA after the priority processing deadline, those refunds will not be processed until after the second week of class, once attendance has been verified.

No, CEI does not offer short term loans.
CEI does have the option to set up a Payment Plan, call the Cashier for details, 208-524-3000 opt 3

Financial aid will automatically show as "Anticipated" as covering tution and fees. Per federal regulations, aid cannot be applied , and excess funds paid out to the student, until at least 10-days before classes being. The financial aid remaining (shows as a negative balance) after tuition and fees are paid, will be available to the student by check or direct deposit the Friday before the semester begins.

Students are responsible for having their books the first day of class. If a student is relying on financial aid to buy books they will have to wait until funds are released to purchase the books. If they have other means of paying for the books they can purchase them before and reimburse themselves once the aid comes through.

If the student is a first time borrower and has never attended college before , they will have to wait 30 days from the first day of the sememster to receive their loans.

Yes, the student will need to make a correction on their FAFSA. The student will log in, select make a correction and then select add school (CEI code 011133). CEI should receive the information in about 3-5 business days.

Yes, but cannot receive an award package until the taxes have been filed and a correctoin made on the FAFSA. The student will have to indicate on the FAFSA that they have not filed and put in estimates of their income. Once the student has filed their taxes they will need to make a correction to their FAFSA. The student should use the IRS data retireval tool in order to get the accurate information. **A student's file will not be awarded until the student has indicated that their taxes have been filed. **

Missing information email: Log in to Student Self-Service to see what documents are being requested.
Award email: Log into Self Service to see your award offer. All awards are based on full time (12+ credits) status. Pell grants will be adjusted according to credit load and eligibility. Student loans are awarded in "Offered" status and can be accepted through Student Self-Service. Student loan will be disbursed based on enrollment in 6 or more eligible credits, completed Entrance Counseling and Master Promissory Note (MPN).

Exit Loan Counseling: Must completed if graduating, no longer attending or is attending less than 6 credits. The Exit Loan Counseling can be found on

CEI Registrar submits enrollment information to the National Student Clearing House following the 10th day of classes, after attendance has been verified; then every 30 days after that. A student must be enrolled in at least 6 credits.

Or a student can submit an In-school Deferment form, found on their loan servicer website, to the Student Affairs Office. Once the form is processed CEI will submit the information to the National Student Clearing House.

To see any awarded scholarships, log into Student Self-Service > Financial Aid > My Awards. If you do not see your scholarship call the CEI Foundation Office at 208-524-3000 option 8 or Financial Aid at 208-524-3000 option 7.

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