Withdrawing & Dropping Classes

Will I be required to repay my financial aid?

If you are considering dropping a class or withdrawing from all your classes, please be aware this can cause possible removal and repayment of financial aid funds. Contact the Financial Aid Office for a review of your financial aid and possible repayment.

You may be required to repay part or all of your financial aid if:

  • You withdraw (officially or medically) from all of your classes, the college will calculate your repayment based on federal regulations and requirements.
    • Please refer to the "Return of Title IV Funds" section included in the Withdrawal Policy.
    • For more information on withdrawing refer to Registration Procedures.
  • You never attend a class or drop below the required number of credits for your enrollment status by the add/drop date. Registration Procedures.
  • Your award was based on inaccurate or incomplete information (financial or otherwise).
  • An error existed when determining your eligibility for aid or the amount of your award.

Loan and grant funds used to pay your student tuition and fees will be removed from your student account and returned to the federal government, as prescribed by federal financial aid rules.

All financial aid balance must be repaid within 30 days to the Cashiers Office, (208) 524-3000.

Withdrawal Policy

When is the last day I can withdraw from all my classes?

The deadline for Total Withdrawal from CEI without grade penalty is the last day of the tenth (10th) week of the fall and spring semesters, for full semester courses, and the last day of the fifth (5th) week for the summer term. For all dates and deadlines please refer to the Calendar.

Will withdrawing affect my future financial aid?

Withdrawing from all of your classes after the end of the add/drop period will affect your academic progress, and you will receive W grades on your transcript. Students who withdraw from all classes will be automatically denied from further federal financial aid. Additionally, if you completely withdraw from CEI during the course of a semester, you may be required to return a percentage of your federal financial aid. Please see the Withdrawal Policy and the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy.

Can I get financial aid again for future semesters?

In the case of extenuating circumstances (such as injury, illness, or death of an immediate family member); you may appeal your denied financial aid status to the Financial Aid Office. Appeal forms must be signed by you and your advisor and submitted with a letter of explanation and supporting documentation detailing the circumstances preventing you from making Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP), how the issues have been resolved, and how the issues will not affect future performance. Appeals.

You can also attend using other resources than Title IV funds, to improve your academic record to become back in compliance with the SAP policy. You can request reinstatement of your eligibility if you are in compliance.

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