Academic Responsibilities and Professional Obligations

The job of a faculty member is complex and challenging. Faculty deliver the core mission of the college, including teaching transfer, CTE, and professional students, stimulating scholarly discourse, and extending knowledge to the wider community. By their very nature, and by virtue of the high expectations the college has for faculty performance, these duties require deep knowledge, intellectual commitment, creativity, and original thought. CEI's faculty have these qualities in abundance.

Class and Term Responsibilities

Faculty Responsibilities


Conduct of Classes


Contact Hours 15-16 / Per Week Lecture / Lap
Office Hours Minimum 5/per week Advising, student conferencing, grading, class preparation, etc. (at least 1 hour 5 days/week posted for student access to the faculty member).
Campus Hours Minimum 9-10/per week Flexible campus hours that allow time to engage in committee assignments, department/division meetings, office work, grading, and professional development.
30 Hours on campus per week minimum

Teaching Load



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