Faculty Personnel Information

Professional Development

Various professional development opportunities for faculty are provided throughout the year. External development opportunities and funding may be available on a case-by-case basis. Contact the appropriate dean for more information.

Budget Planning Cycle

CEI operates on a yearly budget planning cycle. Deans are responsible for submission of operational budgets to their supervisor in late November for the next fiscal year, beginning July, 1. All needs must be communicated to appropriate chair far enough in advance to receive consideration. Primary criteria for new funding requests will be linked to mission fulfilment.

Holiday and After Hours Access

For access to office and classroom space after-hours or during holidays/weekends, please contact campus security. Individuals who need to be on campus during campus closures will have to obtain presidential approval. Individuals with key access of their own must notify campus security upon arrival on campus and before leaving.

Department Chairs

The Department Chair is a professional educator whose primary responsibility is to provide leadership in maintaining and promoting a high quality educational program that is responsive to transfer education, employer needs, and the qualities of an educated citizenry in their department. Constant efforts to improve instruction, student relations, and student retention are expected.

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Evaluates adjunct faculty performance every semester during the first year of hire, then once a year for continued assignments.
  2. In consultation with the dean, recommends fall, spring, and summer schedules based on current and future students' availability to take courses. Assists in scheduling those classes in conjunction with other department chairs in order to maintain a block-scheduling model that is most beneficial to students.
  3. Serves on the Academic Standards and department chair committees by bringing forward department concerns.
  4. With guidance from CEI administration, conducts program review for departments, programs, and courses within their area of oversight.
  5. Ascertains the departments changing curriculum needs through work with various stakeholders. Stakeholders may include, CEI departments, partner universities, industry leaders, secondary education partners, Department of Labor data, and statewide consortiums.
  6. Prepares preliminary departmental budgets, recommends professional development needs in conjunction with faculty members, and conveys it to the dean annually. These findings are based on data gathered through the program review process, enrollment numbers, and course needs.
  7. Provides a regular flow of information from the administration to faculty and from the faculty to the administration by means of regularly held department meetings.
  8. Hires, orients, and trains part-time faculty members. Once per year, an “all faculty” session will be held, by the department, on a day and time conducive to full- time and adjunct faculty attendance. These meetings may include curriculum, assessment, and accreditation efforts incumbent on every department of the college.
  9. Serves on faculty search committees and makes recommendations for new full-time faculty appointments to the hiring manager/appropriate dean.
  10. Directs faculty to keep current course syllabi that are reflective of outcomes assessment.
  11. In consultation with the dean, designates instructor teaching assignments for course sections in department.
  12. Oversees assessment of course & Ways of Knowing or program outcomes within department.
  13. Reports problems with faculty to the respective dean. The dean and Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs mentor/discipline faculty as necessary (non-academic student issues will be referred by Academic Deans to the Dean of Student Affairs).
  14. Performs other duties and projects as requested by the dean.

There is an expectation for this position to be deeply involved in typical off-contract work. Compensation for this work will be considered on a case-by-case basis and reflected in individual contracts.

Department Chairs will work with their Dean for the credit reassignment needed to fulfill the chair responsibilities. Reassignment may vary depending on administrative responsibilities and foci of each division. Flexibility is given to the Academic Deans to modify as needed.

CEI supports department chairs if they wish to return to a regular full-time teaching faculty position. CEI will make reasonable effort to transition a department chair to a regular full-time faculty position, as requested.

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