Testing Policy

Students are required to successfully complete assigned tests as outlined in the course syllabi. Tests will be given online and taken through ATI with the exceptions of closed testing centers, unexpected ATI or computer issues, or if instructors feel it is necessary for an alternative testing style. Nursing school is highly structured around tests and students' ability to apply knowledge to situations. The purpose of this is to help prepare students to enter the practicing field and also to prepare them to pass the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX). The exception to this is ARN 265, which may use Canvas and Honorlock. The following are testing policies adhered by all faculty:

  1. All Didactic content tests will be timed. Students will be given 1.5 minutes per question. If majority or an entire test is a medication/calculation test then students will have 2 minutes for every question. Test that include essays will be given an additional 5 min per essay question. Time adaptations may be applied to students in the first half of the program based on faculty preference.
  2. All tests will be a minimum of 40 questions (unless essay type test) and a maximum of 180 questions long.
  3. Students may not be allowed to backtrack on tests. Instructors can enable backtracking if they feel it is necessary for the test or if the test is issued via Proctorio/Honorlock.
  4. Tests will be open for at least 3 days outside of class.
  5. Students are responsible for their learning and are required to take all tests. Makeup tests are not allowed unless the student receives situational approval from the instructor. If approval is allowed and the test was missed for a non-extenuating circumstance, students will receive a 25% grade deduction on that test.
  6. Each test will have at least 20% of the questions that are higher level questions (NGN (Next Generation NCLEX) NCLEX style questions). Adaptations, with a minimum of 10% that are higher level questions (NGN NCLEX style questions) may be applied to students in the first half of the program based on faculty preference.
  7. Every test will be analyzed by individual course instructors for validity and reliability. If a question is found to be unsound or unreliable, then all students who had missed that question will receive a point for that question. If the test is found to have multiple, equally correct answers, the instructor will accept all equally correct answers. If a question is found to be difficult but meets test standards, extra credit may be given. All changes to test questions will be completed within one week of the test closing date. Applied changes to test will not elevate students' scores greater than 10%.
  8. Instructors reserve the right to decide if they want a class test review and how they administer it. See syllabus for further instructions.
  9. Any final test administered in the program that is not an ATI test must be vetted by 2 faculty members prior to the administration of the test, and if a post-test analysis results in a change of scores, this analysis must also be vetted by 2 faculty members (usually the course instructor and another subject expert).

See Nursing Student Handbook for any additional late or missing test requirements.

Course Failure Notice to Students

Once it is statistically impossible for a student to pass a course, the instructor should send the Notice of Course Failure letter located under “templates” in the Odrive. Send the completed letter as a PDF attachment of an email to the student. Also attach a current copy of the Nursing Student Handbook. Please cc both CoAdministrators and both Administrative Assistants (HHS (Health and Human Services) and Nursing.


Faculty should document interactions/meetings with students in Maxient. All student warnings, success contracts, and other student concerns must be placed in Maxient. If Maxient has not been built out for these interactions, send all documentation to the Co-administrator, who will forward it to the appropriate person who can input it into Maxient.

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