Work Load and Grades

CEI Nursing Faculty Work Load Policy

Full Load is 11-12 load hours. Each load hour equates to about 3 hours per week of work

Changes to the workload policy must be approved by the Dean of Health and Human Services.

Grade Requirements:

There are Three Different Requirements which the student must achieve in order to pass nursing courses:
1. First – an overall percentage of 77% or above is required in each of the nursing courses.
2. Second – students must earn a 77% average on the test component of each nursing course.
3. **Third – students must pass the clinical/skills component of each course, regardless of grade in the theory component. Some courses are Pass or Fail, others require a 77% or higher average. A failure of the clinical component will result in a failure in the course.

Grade expectations for letter grades assigned:

An “A” student demonstrates the following:

A “B” student demonstrates the following:

A “C” student demonstrates the following:

Nursing Department Grading Scale:

Grade Points Percentage
A 100-93%
A- 92-90%
B+ 89-87%
B 86-83%
B- 82-80%
C+ 79-77%
C 76-73%
C- 72-70%
D+ 69-67%
D 63-66%
D- 62-60%
F 59-0%

A grade below 77% is not a passing grade in any nursing course. There is no rounding up of grades.

Section II: Student Standards and Procedures

See Nursing Student Handbook. All faculty are required to be aware of and hold students to those standards.

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