Policy 119: Adoption and Amendment of Policies and Procedures

Category: Administration
Covered Individuals: All CEI Employees
Approved: 2022-04-28

Formerly Approved: 10/26/18

119.1 POLICY

The purpose of CEI’s Policies and Procedures Manual is to establish a safe, efficient and cooperative working environment; to establish the responsibilities and level of performance expected of all CEI employees; and to explain benefits provided to CEI employees. As new and unforeseen circumstances may arise from time to time, CEI will strive to update and create policies and procedures that keep in line with this purpose. The following procedures will guide for the initial adoption of and any future amendments to this Policy and Procedure Manual.


The Human Resources Department is primarily responsible for identifying and implementing needed policies and procedures as well as any future amendments. Upon identifying a need, Human Resources may either draft or request CEI’s legal counsel to draft a proposed policy, procedure, or amendment. Upon completion of the first drafting, the following steps should be followed:

  1. Legal counsel reviews the draft for legal sufficiency.
  2. Human Resources reviews the draft for accuracy and intent.
  3. Human Resources will then send the draft to the Presidential Advisory Council (PAC) for review of accuracy and intent.
  4. Any revisions from the Presidential Advisory Council will be addressed by Human Resources and legal counsel.
  5. The proposed draft will then be sent via email for review by CEI employees. CEI employees will have a minimum of five days to provide feedback on the policy draft prior to HR sending policy for final approval.
  6. Any questions or concerns from CEI employees may be addressed to Human Resources. While CEI will consider employees input, CEI shall have full discretion in whether further changes will be made. If further changes are made, Human Resources and legal counsel will again review the newest proposed draft and again post the document on CEI’s FAST Info intranet for another five business days.
  7. Following the five-day period, the proposed draft will be sent for final approval. In matters regarding proposed policy changes, the Board of Trustees shall make the final decision. In matters regarding procedural changes, the Presidential Advisory Council shall make the final decision.
  8. Upon approval, the new policy, procedure, or amendment shall be added to the Policy and Procedure Manual in all of its future publications.
  9. In cases of emergency, as determined by the Human Resources Department, where such policies, procedures, or amendments need immediate implementation, the five-day notice to CEI employees for review may be suspended and the proposed drafts may be sent directly for final approval. In such cases, if the new policy, procedure, or amendment is approved, notice to all CEI employees shall be sent in the most direct and timely manner available.


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