Policy 500: Security and Emergency Management

Category: Facilities
Covered Individuals: Faculty / Staff / Students / Volunteers
Approved: 2021-02-10

500.1 Policy

The College is subject to a wide variety of natural, environmental and human caused health, safety and security concerns that could potentially put people and/or facilities at risk. CEI is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for our students, faculty, staff, and visitors. The purpose of this policy establishes that the administration shall develop of series of practices, procedures and training following current laws, regulations and generally accepted guidelines to prepare for and give reasonable and adequate protection to the campus community.

These procedures shall include but are not limited to; security personnel, hazardous materials, emergency response, facilities access and security, risk assessment, and violence on campus.

Procedures will be responsive to requirements of the Clery Act.

500.2 Procedures

The College (CEI) has inherited a number of older procedure manuals from Eastern Idaho Technology College (EITC). These manuals are in the process of being reviewed and updated. Until the new versions and manuals have been completed and approved, the old manuals will continue to be in effect. Where possible and appropriate, the names of the manuals will be changed to reflect the name as College of Eastern Idaho (CEI). One such manual is the “Emergency Operations Plan and Security Policy (EOP)” (Revised December 13, 2016). Upon completion of the new security and emergency management procedures the current CEI (EITC) EOP will be retired.


Security and emergency management document hierarchy will include at the top level this “Policy” and then “Procedures” which will in turn be supplemented by department level “Standard Operating Procedures” (SOP). The departmental level SOPs will provide detailed instructions for personnel within the department only.

The attached Word document contains a list of procedures and the current status. 

500.3 Training

CEI will utilize a combination of applicable Safe Colleges Training modules, mentorship, and drills to ensure staff are knowledgeable in the safe response to emergency and security events on campus.

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