Procedure 901: Emergency Notification

Category: Facilities
Covered Individuals: All CEI Employees and Students
Approved: 2020-08-24

901.1 Purpose

In order to enhance the safety and security of faculty, staff, and students, CEI will utilize the RAVE Alert system to communicate emergency notifications in a timely manner. These notifications meet the requirements for “Timely Warnings” and “Emergency Notifications” in accordance with the Clery Act.

901.2 Scope

This procedure applies to all faculty, staff, students, and contractors with respect to emergency notifications associated with the following locations:

  1. Idaho Falls Main Campus
  2. Yellowstone Training Center
  3. Rexburg Training Center
  4. Driggs Training Center
  5. Salmon Training Center

Faculty, staff, and students may login at to personalize their notification settings. First time users must register to create an account.

NOTE: CEI email notifications are the minimum notification and may not be modified; users do not need to create an account to receive alerts at their CEI email address.

Emergency notifications are defined as time sensitive communication intended to minimize injury or fatality of the target audience. This may include but is not limited to, weather related events, natural disasters, active shooters, threats, fire, or the presence of hazardous materials.

“Timely Warnings” shall be communicated for any Clery Act crime that represents an ongoing threat to the safety of students and employees. A CEI “Campus Security Authority” shall be consulted to determine Clery Act crimes.

“Emergency Notifications” shall be communicated upon confirmation of a significant emergency or dangerous situation involving an immediate threat to the health and safety of students or employees occurring on the campus.

The Facilities and Operations Office will manage the RAVE Alert System with assistance from the IT organization.

901.3 General

Emergency notifications may only be sent out as authorized by this procedure or on a case-bycase
basis as approved by the President of CEI.

Appendix A: contains pre-approved alerts that may be sent out by authorized individuals in an emergency.

Appendix B: (Emergency Notification Worksheet) may be utilized to send alerts not addressed by Appendix A. These must be approved by the President on a case by basis.

NOTE: The President must approve any alert involving campus closure (i.e. snow closure).

Appendix C: contains basic instructions for sending an alert for use by authorized individuals.

Appendix D: provides RAVE Technical Support information. In the event that notifications need to be sent out and there are technical issues preventing this from happening, RAVE Emergency Support may be contacted 24/7 at 1-888-605-7163.

901.4 Authorized Individuals

The following positions are authorized to send out approved messages using the RAVE Alert System.

  1. Vice President of Finance and Administration
  2. Director of Facilities and Operations
  3. Chief of Security
  4. Assistant Chief of Security

901.5 System Testing

The notification system will be tested at least twice each year. Test messages must clearly, state, “This is a Test” at the beginning of the message.

All appendix information can be accessed by downloading the word document; please click on "Download Policy" below.

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