Procedure 914: Safety and Security

Category: Facilities
Covered Individuals: All CEI Employees and Students
Approved: 2022-10-24

914.1 Safety and Security


  1. CEI does not currently have 24/7 on-campus, in-person security.  So long and this condition exists, employees will not be allowed to enter CEI owned or controller buildings from midnight to 6 am, unless approved by a member of PAC in advance, for a specific individual, for a specific time.  Exceptions are:
    1. PAC members
    2. custodians and maintenance personnel on duty
    3. security personnel on duty
  1. Any employee who works on campus after normal hours must notify security, indicating where and when they will be working.  This includes weekends.
  1. Students who are studying or working on campus after hours, including weekends, must be supervised by a faculty member or designated staff member.
  1. Students working on projects that include power tools or other potentially dangerous tools or equipment must
    1. receive proper training,
    2. use proper PPE [personal protective equipment], and
    3. be supervised by a faculty member or a designated staff member




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