Policy 301: Academic Freedom

Category: Instruction
Covered Individuals: All CEI Employees
Approved: 2022-03-22

Formerly Approved: 04/08/2020

301.1 Policy

College of Eastern Idaho (CEI) instructors are entitled to freedom in the classroom with
coursework presentations. Subject to the adequate performance regarding course objectives,
student learning, and course duties, instructors may assume they are free from institutional
censorship. Classroom presentations must be professional and accurate. Instructors must
recognize that both their profession and the college will be judged by their presentations.


301.2 Procedure

Members of the CEI community affirm that academic freedom is essential for the protection of
rights of faculty members and students in the teaching/learning process. CEI instructors are entitled to such academic freedom in the classroom. Academic freedom carries with it responsibilities which are parallel to the rights enjoyed. Specifically, faculty are entitled to academic freedom in the classroom, but must avoid introducing material which is not appropriate to the subject being taught. As members of an academic community, faculty, staff, administrators, and students have an obligation to respect the dignity of others, to affirm the rights of others to express contrary opinions, and to foster and defend honesty in intellectual inquiry.

Faculty and staff also enjoy freedom of expression when they write or speak as private citizens.
As recognized members of an academic community, they should strive for accuracy, exercise
appropriate restraint, and make clear that they do not speak on behalf of the college. Faculty are entitled to academic freedom in research, course development, and other activities related to their assignment. Research, consulting for profit, or developing course materials for potential monetary gain must be consistent with established written policies of the institution and the State Board of Education. Use of college resources for personal gain or for activities outside the scope of assigned duties is prohibited.

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