Policy 302: Credit Hours

Category: Instruction
Covered Individuals: Faculty / Staff / Students / Volunteers
Approved: 2022-04-28

Policy 302: Credit Hours

Category: Instruction

Covered Individuals: Faculty

Approved:  04/28/22


302.1 Policy

This policy defines credit hour and the assignment of Credit Hours. Such definitions are important because there are many types of education experiences with which Credit Hour assignments are associated. Additionally, definitions are required for compliance with federal law and accreditation standards as well as accurate academic measurement and cross-campus comparability. This policy supports the College of Eastern Idaho’s compliance with Northwest Commission on College and Universities’ Policy on Credit Hour, Idaho State Board of Education policy, and U.S. Department of Education Policy.

302.2 Definitions

  1. Credit Hour: Time-based reference for measuring educational attainment used by American universities and colleges.
  2. Clock Hour: A 50 to 60 minute, class, lecture, internship, or recitation in a 60 minute period.

302.3 Procedures

For each Credit Hour granted, students must have successfully met the academic requirements with an amount of work represented in intended learning outcomes and verified by evidence of student achievement that reasonably approximates not less than:

The expectation of contact time inside the classroom and student effort outside the classroom is the same in all formats of a course whether it is fully online, a hybrid of face-to-face contact with some content delivered by electronic means, or delivered in lecture or seminar format. Courses with less structured classroom schedules, such as workshops, research seminars, independent studies, internships, practical, studio work, or any other academic work leading to the award of credit hours, at a minimum, should state clear learning objectives and expected outcomes and workload expectations that meet the standards set forth above. The measurement of lab credit hours will be determined at the departmental level and will meet industry and disciplinary standards.


Verification and Compliance

Credit Hours are examined for compliance by various campus units.



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