Policy 111: Use of Legal Name on Official Files and Records

Category: Personnel
Covered Individuals: Faculty / Staff / Students / Volunteers
Approved: 2022-10-25

111.1 Policy

The College is obligated to maintain certain records and files for individuals, including students and employees.  For all official files and records maintained by the College of Eastern Idaho, whether physical or digital, except as otherwise specifically designated or allowed, a person’s legally given name shall be the only name to be allowed and used whenever and where ever a name is required. 

Persons who may wish for a different name to be used in the official record must provide the appropriate legal documents to the Human Resources department for employees and to Student Affairs for students demonstrating that the courts have allowed and designated a new name.

In certain instances, a data field may be provided for a “preferred” name.  This will only be used for casual or informal correspondence, lists, reporting, etc.  Formal legal documents and data files will reflect a person’s legally given name.

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