Policy 202: Outside Employment

Category: Personnel
Covered Individuals: All CEI Employees
Approved: 2019-12-11

202.1 Policy

Employees are permitted to hold additional jobs outside their employment at CEI as long as it does not interfere with their job performance with CEI. Employees with additional jobs are expected to work their assigned schedules. CEI further encourages the sharing of professional knowledge with the community at large. However, employees owe their primary employment responsibility to CEI.

If outside work activity causes or contributes to job-related problems, it must be discontinued, or the employee may be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination.

202.2 Procedures

Employees are expected to fulfill, to the best of their abilities, the responsibilities established in their respective job description. No employee may undertake outside employment that interferes with the employee’s assigned duties or creates a conflict of interest. For the purposes of this policy, a conflict of interest includes, but is not limited to, any situation in which the employee may be viewed as providing services normally offered by CEI, which may otherwise be detrimental to CEI’s mission or operations, or which may involve or allow for the disclosure of confidential information.

Employees are required to disclose outside employment to the office of human resources and the immediate supervisor. Additionally, the outside employer must be informed that the employee is acting in a private capacity and that CEI is not a party to the outside employment.


Employees engaged in private consulting must inform clients that they are acting as a private consultant and that CEI is not a party to any applicable contract, nor is it liable, or responsible for the employee’s performance. Employees must secure approval from the appropriate supervisor for any private consulting activities which require absence or involve unusually demanding commitments. Employees who are absent during normal CEI business hours to pursue private consulting activities will need to use approved vacation leave while away from CEI.

An employee acting as an expert witness or consultant while representing CEI will not need to use vacation leave. The determination of who the employee is representing must be determined, in consultation with administration, in advance.

Approval for consulting will be granted only when the proposed activity is compatible with the employee’s professional competence; will not hinder employee job performance at CEI; does not involve the use of college supplies, equipment, or facilities; and is not contrary to CEI’s best interest.

The name, “College of Eastern Idaho,” and its logo are the exclusive property of CEI and should not be used in any outside employment or consulting act

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