Policy 208: Working Title

Category: Personnel
Covered Individuals: All CEI Employees
Approved: 2020-02-12

208.1 POLICY

The college’s compensation and classification system provides classification titles that are descriptive of the work performed. In cases where a more specific title would serve the unit’s operational interests, a working title may be used.

A working title should more clearly or precisely describe the function, responsibilities, or scope of an individual job assignment. Departments may use working titles to differentiate between similar roles in a workgroup, or to distinguish between similar specialties within a classification. The working title should use terms that are easily recognized and understood by internal and external constituents.


Use of inflated working titles can blur lines of responsibility and lead staff to take on responsibilities that are not appropriate to their positions, or conversely, they can confuse staff as to who is the appropriate administrator or supervisor.

Working titles may be used to better communicate an employee’s area of responsibility; they have no impact on wages, benefits, or working conditions. Working titles should be consistent with the classification title and should not be indicative of a range of responsibilities or level of authority that is not consistent with the classification title.

Acceptable use of working titles

Working titles may be used in lieu of the college classification title for:

The college job classification title will be the default if no working title is established.

Determining the Need for a Working Title

1. Does the college job classification title adequately describe the function of the job assignment
for professional business communications inside and/or outside the college?

2. Are there other terms that would more specifically and accurately describe the function of the
job assignment?

3. Would a working title provide a more accurate and recognizable understanding of the
relationship between jobs and/or functions within the department?

A Working Title Cannot


Working titles must be approved by human resources prior to use. Human resources will consider the consistency of titles within departments and other relevant factors such as relevance to similar positions across CEI, when approving requests for working titles.

Working titles that will be used within the posting process must be listed in the requisition under “Working Title.” Human resources will have final approval over working titles used for recruitment.

Violation of this policy may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination.

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