Policy 213: Fraternization

Category: Personnel
Covered Individuals: All CEI Employees
Approved: 2019-12-11

213.1 POLICY

College of Eastern Idaho is committed to providing its students and employees with an environment conducive to learning and growth. As such, the college has a responsibility to promote an atmosphere of trust, respect, and integrity. Intimate relationships where one individual has power or authority over another may compromise freely given consent, put the academic and professional development of the individuals at risk, and profoundly undermine the foundation of trust, respect, and integrity that is essential to carrying out College of Eastern Idaho’s mission.

Intimate relationships involving faculty, administrators, staff, and others who educate, supervise, evaluate, counsel, or otherwise make decisions or recommendations about another person in connection with their employment or education at the college, or who otherwise have actual or apparent authority over a student or subordinate are inherently asymmetrical. The mere appearance of bias resulting from such a relationship may seriously disrupt the academic or work environment and have the potential to undermine the sense of community, mutual trust, and support at CEI. As such, intimate relationships, which may occur between individuals where one individual has power or authority over another individual, are prohibited.


  1. Student: any individual who is currently registered or enrolled in a credit bearing course or an academic program at the college.
  2. Supervisor: any person who has the authority and/or responsibility to hire, promote, discipline, evaluate, give assignments to, or direct the work of employees.
  3. Employee: any person employed by the college in any capacity including faculty, staff, volunteers, and interns
  4. Intimate relationship: a sexual, dating, or romantic relationship


It is recognized that a student or subordinate may be a full and willing participant in an intimate relationship, however, both the responsibility for adhering to this policy and the consequences for violating it fall upon the person in a position of power or authority. Violations of this policy shall be reported to the Vice President of Human Resources who will investigate and determine the appropriate response; violations of this policy may lead to disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal and/or legal action by complainants. In situations where a student is either the complainant or respondent the Dean of Student Affairs may be notified and involved in the process per the recommendation of the Vice President of Human Resources.

In instances where such a relationship already exists by virtue of marriage or partnership within the same department, the person in the position of greater authority must not exercise any supervisory or evaluative function over the other person in the relationship. Additionally, any such relationship must be fully disclosed to the relevant supervisor(s) and the office of human resources immediately. The relevant supervisor(s), in consult with the office of human resources, will set reasonable conditions to eliminate both the substance and appearance of a conflict of interest; and will ensure that the establishment of direct authority is prevented and that any indirect authority is minimized.

Should an intimate relationship between an individual with power/authority and a student or subordinate lead to a sexual harassment charge, the college is obligated to investigate and resolve the charge in accordance with the procedure as outlined in the Title IX Policy.


CEI will not allow retaliation against a student, faculty, or staff member for filing a complaint or for cooperating in an investigation of such a complaint. Retaliation against a student, staff, or faculty member who in good faith reports alleged relationships or who participates in an investigation is a violation of this policy and is subject to appropriate discipline.

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