Policy 217: Faculty/Instructor Credential and Qualification Requirements

Category: Personnel
Covered Individuals: All CEI Employees
Approved: 2023-05-23

Formerly Approved: 12/11/2019


217.1 Policy

All faculty and instructors of credit offerings at the college must have appropriate credentials that are in accordance with the minimum requirements outlined by the college. The college will verify faculty qualifications by evaluating the credentials and professional history of individuals applying to open faculty positions.


Faculty teaching general education courses or other non-occupational courses must hold a master’s degree or higher in the discipline or sub-field from a regionally accredited institution. If a faculty member holds a master’s degree or higher in a discipline or subfield other than that in which he or she is assigned to teach, that faculty member should have completed a minimum of eighteen (18) graduate credit hours in the discipline or subfield in which they are assigned.


Faculty teaching in career and technical courses, college-level certificate courses, and occupational associate degree programs must hold a bachelor’s degree in the field from a regionally accredited institution and/or a combination of education, training, and tested experience.


Faculty/instructional personnel teaching dual credit courses should hold the same minimal qualifications as required by the institution of its own faculty.



217.2 Procedures

Individuals applying for positions as faculty must submit all documentation demonstrating they meet the credentialing qualifications to teach within their discipline(s) at the time of hire to the Office of Human Resources. All documentation submitted to the Office of Human Resources should reflect the current status of the individual’s credentials. Documents that demonstrate credentialing qualifications include, but are not limited to, official academic transcripts, copies of current licenses or credentials as appropriate, CV/resumes, and documentation of relevant work experience when necessary. When appropriate, documents should demonstrate licensure renewals or additional degrees.

217.3 Exceptions

Exceptions to these requirements are allowed but they must be approved by the Department Chair, Academic Dean, and the Vice-president of Academic & Student Affairs. Documentation will be provided by the Vice President of Academic & Student Affairs for any exception of degree requirements to be put into the personnel file.





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