Policy 222: On-Call

Category: Personnel
Covered Individuals: All CEI Employees
Approved: 2019-11-13

222.1 POLICY

The college requires employees in certain positions to remain on-call due to exigencies and emergencies that may arise which would require the employee to be called back to work on short notice.


On-call: when an employee is required to be available by telephone, text, pager, or similar device and must respond to any message within 15 minutes.


On-Call Requirements

On-call assignments will be minimized to hours and personnel necessary to support ongoing campus functions outside of normal working hours. The President’s Advisory Council (PAC) considers the needs of all stakeholders on campus and determines the hours when support personnel must be available on an on-call basis.

Management should provide employees who are required to be on-call with a schedule of the date and time that the employee must be on-call. In addition, the following guidelines apply:

On-Call Pay

Employees in exempt positions are ineligible to be on-call. Exempt positions are primarily professional, administrative, or managerial and any “on-call” time is an expectation of the position.

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