Policy 223: Compensation

Category: Personnel
Covered Individuals: All CEI Employees
Approved: 2020-02-12

223.1 Policy

College of Eastern Idaho is committed to providing a competitive total compensation package, including salary and benefits, that will attract, retain, and reward qualified employees. The college strives to pay employees according to market and merit, subject to the availability of financial resources and individual employee performance. Each full-time staff position is assigned a pay range based on a competitive pay rate for comparable positions and the unique duties and responsibilities of the position. The employee’s salary within the pay range depends on performance, education, experience, qualifications, relevant competitive markets, and internal alignment within the department and the college. Human resources, in collaboration with managers, are responsible for ensuring that compensation decisions are made in a fair, consistent, and equitable manner.

Pay for any given position is subject to the annual budgetary process and, as such, may be subject to increase, reduction, or status quo maintenance for any time period.

223.2 Procedures

The college’s pay program must be sensitive to the wider labor market because we compete with other employers, both private and public, for the best talent. Human resources sets salary ranges for positions based on benchmark data acquired from market surveys. Full-time employees’ salaries will be paid according to this salary and wage structure.

Salaries and wages are reviewed periodically, generally once each year, and increases are recommended based on merit and availability of funds. Full-time and part-time employees who receive a ranking of “Meets Expectations” or higher on their performance evaluation will be eligible for a merit increase. Ultimately, job performance plays the biggest role in determining individual compensation beyond market factors and available funding. As an exception, adjunct instructors receive pay increases based primarily on longevity.

Initial Placement on Compensation Schedule:

Requests for Reclassification

Requests to reclassify positions must be initiated by the supervisor. Such requests should be based on a belief that duties and responsibilities of a position have materially changed (at least 30% of the job has changed) since the position was last reviewed. A position evaluation request should be fully completed and sent to human resources for review, illustrating what changes have occurred. Human resources will conduct an analysis of the duties and recommend the appropriate category, whether the same, or a change. To be eligible, employees must have a rating of “meets expectations” or higher on their last performance evaluation. Requests may not be submitted more than once in a year.

Above Maximum Wages

Increases in pay to above-maximum rates will not be allowed except in unusually meritorious cases. Additionally, any employee who is being paid at an above maximum rate is not eligible for any wage or salary adjustments.

Grant and Similarly Funded Positions

Persons employed through a grant or similar type of dedicated funding source hold their positions only for the duration of the funding availability. The college salary schedule applies to all positions, regardless of funding. Persons employed in positions funded by grants or similar types of dedicated funding should not expect continuation of employment beyond the expiration of funding.

Annual increases must be projected in all budgets. The amount of increase will not differ from increases approved for regular college employees. Increases for all employees are given at the same time. Reclassification of positions funded through grants or other dedicated funding sources must follow the normal college reclassification process.

Part-Time and Adjunct Positions

Part-time employees who receive a rating of “Meets Expectations” or higher on their performance review and who meet the years of service requirements (outlined below) will be eligible for a merit increase as funding allows.

Part-Time Pay Increase Schedule:

Years of Service

Increase Amount








The adjunct instructor pay schedule is based on semesters of service as follows:

Semesters of Service



$900.00 per credit hour


$925.00 per credit hour


$950.00 per credit hour


Adjunct instructors who are separated from CEI for one (1) academic year or longer will be required to begin their semesters of service again at semester one (1).

All overload stipends will be paid at a rate of $800.00 per credit hour and are not subject to the semesters of service increase. All faculty and exempt full-time employees who perform teaching services beyond their primary assignment will be considered to be in overload. Full-time, non-exempt employees are not eligible to accept adjunct instructor positions due to overtime regulations.

CEI reserves the right to change general compensation for any reason deemed appropriate. Compensation may also be adjusted based upon job performance and the availability of funds to maintain a solvent CEI budget.

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