Procedure 905: Stipends

Category: Personnel
Covered Individuals: All CEI Employees
Approved: 2023-01-03

Procedure 905: Stipends

Formerly Approved: 8/22/2022

Procedure 905.1

The following procedures describe the appropriate use of stipends for College of Eastern Idaho employees. This form of compensation may be appropriate for faculty or staff. A stipend is a payment in addition to the base pay for an assignment which is not part of the employee’s ongoing appointment. A stipend is used to separate the portion of compensation paid to an employee for the effort and responsibility related to a special assignment or other related reason as outlined below. If a special assignment ends, the salary should revert to the salary for the ongoing appointment.

Additional Duties for a Fixed Period of Time

Occasionally, an employee is assigned additional duties for a fixed period of time. For example, an employee might be given responsibilities of a vacant position without being appointed to the full position in an interim capacity. A stipend is appropriate in this situation. When the vacant position is filled, the stipend is discontinued. If the vacant position is not filled and the duties are permanently assigned to the employee with the stipend, a salary adjustment or reclassification should be considered to replace the stipend.

Interim Appointment

An employee may be appointed to a position in an interim capacity. There will be no change to an employee’s base pay during an interim appointment.

Faculty and Adjunct

Adjunct faculty will receive compensation through a stipend for teaching loads. Full-time faculty will receive a stipend for any overload during an academic year.  

Years of Service

College of Eastern Idaho highly values its employees and their commitment to its vision and purpose. To demonstrate appreciation for our employees, CEI offers years of service recognition and stipends for full-time and part-time employees.






$ 250.00

$ 125.00


$ 500.00

$ 250.00


$ 750.00

$ 375.00


$ 1,000.00

$ 500.00


$ 1,250.00

$ 625.00


$ 1,500.00

$ 750.00


$ 1,750.00

$ 875.00


$ 2,000.00

$ 1,000.00


Employees who reach a “Years of Service” milestone by December 31 will be recognized at the Spring In-service. Employee’s “Years of Service” stipends will be added as a one-time payment, to their normally processed payroll. These stipends will be subject to all federal and state taxes as well as any applicable benefit deductions. The pay date in which employees will receive the stipend will be announced/provided to them in their recognition letter from the Human Resources Department.

Employees who retire after their anniversary date of their “Years of Service” milestone but before December 31 of that year, will receive their “Years of Service” stipend on their final pay check from the college. These retired employees will also receive a recognition announcement during the Spring In-service. Employees who terminate employment before December 31 of a year in which they would reach a “Years of Service” milestone will not be entitled to a “Years of Service” stipend or recognition.  

Disclaimer: “Years of Service” stipends are subject to annual budget approval and are subject to change according to the fiscal needs of the College. All grant funded and self-sustaining program positions must receive prior budgetary approval for annual “Years of Service” stipends.


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