CEI Student Club Handbook


The College of Eastern Idaho Department of Student Life and the CEI Student Senate believe that student clubs and organizations are an integral part of the college experience. The Student Life Department prioritizes student success and opportunities for personal and group development. Through clubs and organizations, students foster connections, create community, develop transferable skills, and experience leadership firsthand. Student clubs and organizations have the ability to create lasting connections and provide ways to be active and involved in campus life.

The CEI Student Club Handbook presents a guide to the creation, policy development, operations, and management of CEI Student Clubs & Organizations. This handbook is provided to CEI Student Clubs & Organizations on behalf of the CEI Student Life Department to support club development, guide club planning of activities and events, provide resources, and act as a reference guide for campus policies and procedures.

The CEI Student Club Handbook will be reviewed by the Dean of Student Affairs and the Student Life Department on an annual basis to ensure a consistent approach that aligns with College of Eastern Idaho’s standard of conduct, core themes, and mission statement.

College of Eastern Idaho Mission Statement

“To provide open-access to affordable, quality education that meets the needs of students, regional employers, and community”.

College of Eastern Idaho Core Themes

Learning for Work and Life

CEI is a place of learning where students prepare for transfer, careers, and effective citizenship. The college embraces active learning and provides instruction that is not only academically rigorous, but also tailored to the needs of the student and the community. Learning for work and life takes place in all areas of campus through transfer degrees, career-technical education, college and career readiness, and workforce training.


CEI faculty and staff throughout the college are committed to students and their success. Well-functioning student support areas are critical to our students' success because they help model outstanding professional behaviors, and they provide comprehensive student support from first contact through degree and/or employment.

Community Engagement

CEI's focus on community is evident in a safe and inviting campus, which fosters communication, professional growth and adult enrichment through broad, collaborative relationships within academic and employer communities throughout the region.

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