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Welcome to CEI online learning! Explore this page for valuable information regarding online learning and how to succeed in online learning at CEI. College of Eastern Idaho's Online Campus offers a variety of degree programs and courses that provide flexibility in meeting your educational needs. Online courses offer busy students the advantage of flexibility, quality instruction, and high levels of interaction.

Benefits of Online Learning

  • Enjoy a flexible schedule
  • Join an online learning community
  • Customize your learning environment
  • Achieve optimal school-life balance
  • Skills and positive traits gained from Online Learning
  • Develop self-motivation and self-discipline
  • Complete an A.A. or A.S. fully online

We Support You!

Did you know that online students are provided with the same supports as our on-campus students? We want all our students, included those in our online program, to succeed. As a CEI student, you have access to mental health services, online tutoring, the library, and the Center for New Directions, to name a few.

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Idaho’s public colleges and universities have partnered to create Online Idaho, a course search and registration platform that makes it easy to find and register for online transferable courses. Online Idaho provides students with convenient and affordable access to online courses offered at other institutions in Idaho.

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How to Succeed Online

To learn more about strategies on how to succeed in an online course please review the web resource: How to Succeed Online.
This resource provides the top three reasons why some community college students do not succeed in an online course. And provides three alternatives for success:

Stay Current

  • Plan for the unplanned
  • Work your coursework into your life
  • For additional resources on how to be a successful online student, click on the following links


  • How to be a Successful Online Learner
  • What Makes a Successful Online Student?
  • Characteristics of a Successful Online Student
  • Five-step Strategy for Student Success with Online Learning

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