Areas of Study (CEI Pathways)

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What are Areas of Study or Pathways?

CEI Areas of Study or Pathways are academic plans designed to assist in selecting your courses at CEI that will be beneficial to you when you transfer to complete a bachelor's degree. You are encouraged to use the Areas of Study academic plan as a guide with your academic advisor while planning your courses at CEI.

Areas of Study are designed for students who may have a fair idea of what they would like to major in when they transfer from CEI. A benefit is that you can begin taking classes that will count towards your bachelor's degree, while still earning your associate degree.


Don't wait until your degree with CEI is completed. Once you get a better idea of what university or four-year college you would like to study, it is recommended that you meet with an advisor at that school. Meeting with a university or four-year college advisor early on will help you identify what courses and prerequisites are needed for specific bachelor programs that you can work on now at CEI.

For more information about preparing for transferring visit Transfers and Transitions.

Want an idea of how your courses will potentially transfer? Visit this Idaho public college student navigation website.



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