Health Physics Technologies (HPT)


The Health Physics Technologies program (formerly Radiation Safety Technology) is designed to give students the knowledge and practical hands-on experience required for entry-level employment in the nuclear industry. Students entering this program must have elevated aptitude in mathematics. The program consists of two semesters on focused classroom instruction divided into four modules.

Important Information

  • Applications are due April 1st of each year
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What do our students learn?

  • Provide contamination and radiation exposure control
  • Conduct sampling, monitoring, surveying, and evaluating to identify potential occupational health hazards caused by exposure
  • Use industry safe principals, concepts, and practices
  • Maintain detailed records of sampling activities
  • Handle and use a variety of monitoring, sampling, and analytical equipment

Why CEI's Health Physics Technologies program?

  • Affordable
  • High Wages
  • Only Radiation Safety program in Idaho
  • 16:1 student-to-teacher ratio
  • Experienced, qualified Instructors

How Long Will it Take?


  • 2 full-time semesters in the professional program

Where are our Graduates Working?

  • US nuclear commercial power plants
  • US Department of Labor site
  • Mixed waste facilities
  • Nuclear contractors
  • Environmental treatment companies
  • Private companies in the oil and gas industry

How much do our graduates make?

Over the last five years, our graduates started out averaging $40,560 to $68,640 a year. (Based on a 2080 hour work year, wage information is given within the first year of employment.)


94.16% - (Average positive placement for graduates over the past 5 years)

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