Registered Nursing

The Registered Nursing program is operated with the approval of the Idaho Board of Nursing and accredited by ACEN. The course of study is designed to provide you with the essential knowledge and skills to function as a registered nurse. Classes consist of both theory and hands-on supervised experience. The supervised clinical experience is conducted at major health care facilities and agencies. Successful completion of the program requirements earns an Associate of Applied Science degree in nursing and makes the student eligible to sit for the Idaho national licensure examination (NCLEX-RN) to become a licensed registered nurse.

Enrollment in the RN program is limited. Because of the number of applicants, completion of all admission requirements does not ensure acceptance into the program. Candidates for admission are selected from the pool of qualified applicants using a point-based process. CEI no longer requires students to complete a licensed practical nursing program as a prerequisite to enroll in its registered nursing program.

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  • 2017: 96.6%
  • 2018: 100%
  • 2019: 100%
  • 2020: 94.3%
  • 2021: TBD


NOTICES: Applicants must now be a certified CNA to apply for the RN and LPN program.

  • Application deadline for Spring 2024 start (Full time and Alternative Schedule only) - October 1st, 2023 at midnight
  • Application deadline for Fall 2024 (Full time) and Summer 2024 (PN-RN Bridge) start - March 1st, 2024 at midnight

Notice of Application Changes

  • Proof of required immunizations and titers will now be required on an IRIS report with your application.
  • In-progress pre-requisite courses from outside institutions will no longer be accepted. You must be enrolled in a CEI course to apply with in-progress pre-requisite courses.

Want to work in another state?

Find out if your license will transfer.

Professional Licensure

This program might be right for you if you are:

  • Professional
  • Resilient
  • Confident
  • Adaptable
  • Empathetic and compassionate
  • Detail-oriented
  • Ethical
  • A team player

You should have:

  • Communication skills
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Effective visual, listening, and speaking skills
  • Integrity
  • A strong work ethic
  • Physical endurance
  • The ability to stand for long periods of time
  • The ability to walk and move quickly
  • The capability to move, lift, and physically support patients
  • Mental endurance
  • The ability to think under pressure
  • The ability to work with difficult personality types
  • Time management skills

What do our student learn?

  • Monitor patient conditions
  • Update patient medical records
  • Discuss treatment with physicians
  • Perform tests on patients
  • Operate various medical equipment
  • Inform patients on health, conditions, and treatments
  • Perform basic and advanced Cardiac Life support
  • Create treatment plans
  • Give acute, long-term, home, hospice, ER, and critical care
  • Final semester preceptorship where students work full-time alongside an RN for 12 weeks in 3 different areas

Why CEI's Registered Nursing Program?

  • Affordable
  • 3 different options
    • Part Time
    • Full Time
    • PN to RN Bridge
  • Clinical hours throughout the program
    • Final semester 450 precepted clinical hours
  • RN to BSN Concurrent Enrollment Pathways
    • GCU
    • ISU
    • LCSC
    • Aspen University
  • Accredited through ACEN

How Long Will It Take?

  • Associate of Applied Science Degree (AND):
    • Full Time RN Program
      • 1 full-time semester of qualifying prerequisites
      • 4 full-time semesters in professional program
    • PT RN Program
      • 2 full time semesters of qualifying prerequisites
      • 6 full time semesters (2 years-attend summer terms) in professional program
    • PN to RN Program
      • 1-2 full time semesters of qualifying prerequisites
      • 3 full time semesters in professional program (1 year)
        • Summer semester can be waived if graduated from CEI PN program after 2019

Where Are Our Graduates Working?

  • Regional Hospitals
  • Care centers
  • Home health care
  • Rehabilitation centers
  • Physicians' offices
  • Urgent care centers
  • Surgical centers

Pass and Completion Rates

NCLEX Pass Rates (1st Attempt)

  • 2017: 100%
  • 2018: 89.7%
  • 2019: 93.6%
  • 2020: 92.9%
  • 2021: 92% (Fall semester pending)

Program Completion Rates

  • Admitted to program in 2017: 85.4%
  • Admitted to program in 2018: 85.5%
  • Admitted to program in 2019: 86.7%
  • Admitted to program in 2020: 91.7% (Spring/summer start only. Fall still pending)


ACEN Accreditation

The associate nursing program at the College of Eastern Idaho located in Idaho Falls Idaho is accredited by the: Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN)

3390 Peachtree Road NE, Suite 1400
Atlanta, GA 30326
(404) 975-5000

The most recent accreditation decision made by the ACEN Board of Commissioners for the ADN nursing program is Initial Accreditation.
View the public information disclosed by the ACEN regarding this program at

Idaho Board of Nursing

Contact Information:
Idaho Board of Nursing
280 N. 8th St. #210
Boise, ID 83702
(208) 577-2476

Rebecca Killion
Health Professions Administrative Assistant
(208) 535-5437

(208) 524-3000 ext. 4