Mission Statement

Prepare students to meet emerging security and technology career challenges, to ensure they are technologically skilled, perform professionally, and provide excellent services.

Department Programs

The Cybersecurity and Technology Department offers certificates and degrees in Cybersecurity, Digital Media, and IT Services. Students in these programs are trained the skills and knowledge which will allow them to successfully pursue careers in various technologies and obtain industry credentials. Graduates also have various transfer options to continue their education after completion. Programs have been designed with close coordination from local industry to meet the emerging needs of employers.

Cybersecurity Center

CEI’s Cybersecurity Center serves as a central hub for joint cybersecurity information, resources, and coordinated efforts to serve the college and community needs.

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CEI Computer Club Logo

The CEI Computer Club members meet regularly to achieve various club goals. These goals include:

  • Review and preparation for IT and Cybersecurity current and future certifications
  • Develop comradery among group members and the local community through various events
  • Encourage leadership through planning and participation in CEI, club, and community activities

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Faculty are recruited from industry subject matter experts, providing students the best instruction possible while meeting CEI’s mission and respective program outcomes.

Find Faculty

Don Williams
Program Manager
(208) 535-5429

(208) 524-3000 ext. 4