Graduation Information

Eligibility Requirements

1. The College of Eastern Idaho catalog is the primary source of information for:

2. To determine graduation eligibility, the Registrar’s Office follows the requirements defined in a single edition of CEI's catalog.

3. Students must earn a minimum grade of "C-" in all required courses in order to meet graduation requirements, unless otherwise stated in a particular program.

4. A cumulative grade point average of 2.0 or higher is required for graduation.

5. The college reserves the right to make course substitutions for discontinued courses.

6. Students who plan to graduate with a different or additional certificate/degree must turn in the “Intent to Change or Add Program” form to the Student Affairs office.


1. Through the authority of the Idaho State Board of Education, NWCCU, and the Board of Trustees, College of Eastern Idaho awards the following degrees to program graduates:

2. Student records are carefully reviewed for successful completion of program requirements once the gradation application is submitted online or in paper form.

3. All requirements for a certificate or degree must be completed and official grades reported to the Registrar’s Office before a certificate or degree is issued.

Steps to Apply for Graduation

1. It is the student’s responsibility to run a program evaluation to confirm all requirements are complete*.

2. Apply and Pay online through Self-Service under Graduation Overview.

3. An application is required in order to notify the Registrar’s Office that the student is completing a program.

4. The completed application will also ensure that you are included in future notifications regarding graduation, cap & gown ordering, etc.

5. Name Change: Bring required paperwork to Student Affairs and an admission clerk will assist you. You can find the requirements at the following link:

6. Address Change:  It is the responsibility of the graduate to provide an accurate mailing address to ensure that degrees/certificates are mailed to the correct location. 

7. Students in programs (i.e. Surgical Technology, Practical Nursing, and Registered Nursing) that require affidavits will not have affidavits sent until the Application for Graduation process is complete (i.e. Exit Counseling for Financial Aid, fees owing according to the Business office).

* Graduation applications are valid only for the term applying for. If you do not qualify to graduate in the term applied for, a new application and fee must be submitted.

**A $15 late fee will be assessed to any application submitted after the application deadline.


Honor Cords

Depending on Cumulative GPA, students may be eligible to wear an honor cord. The May commencement ceremony takes place before spring and summer grades are finalized. Therefore, honors recognition at commencement is based upon the institutional GPA for graduation from the student’s most recently completed semester; usually the fall term.

Residence Requirements for Graduation

Students seeking the BTC, ITC, ATC, AAS, AA, and AS must complete no fewer than 25 percent of the credit requirements in residence at College of Eastern Idaho. 

Graduation:  Refers to receiving a degree or certificate from College of Eastern Idaho after satisfying that all requirements have been satisfied. Graduation certification begins after final grades are posted and continues until certificates/degrees are printed and mailed the 6th week after the end of the semester/term.

Commencement:  A ceremony and opportunity for students, families, friends, College of Eastern Idaho, and community members to celebrate students’ academic accomplishments. Participation in the ceremony or name listing in the Commencement Program does not mean students have graduated and diplomas will not be delivered that day. Students will only receive their certificate/degree cover at the ceremony.

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