The Clothesline Project is an annual event held each October on the CEI campus. Visit the CEI website between August and September for updated information on when the next event will be scheduled.

Make a Shirt

Interested participants can create their own shirt using markers to write their own personal messages reflecting what they feel is important to share. T-shirts can be picked up at Center for New Directions and taken home or participants will be provided private space to create one during the event. Each shirt submitted will become a part of the Clothesline Exhibit to be displayed each year.

Spread Awareness

Share information about this event on social media along with resources available to anyone who may need help. The more we share, the more energy we generate for addressing the problem and for supporting those impacted by violent acts.

Look for the next Clothesline Project in October. October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month

CEI hosts clothesline exhibit to increase sexual assault awareness


Dozens of T-shirts hang in the College of Eastern Idaho’s cafeteria in the John E. Christofferson building. Each shirt contains part of a story of someone who experienced sexual assault.

The College of Eastern Idaho is increasing awareness of sexual assault and violence by hosting a clothesline exhibit featuring T-shirts containing messages and decorations from victims and people who know victims.

The exhibit is being held from Oct. 12 to Oct. 14. The college said in a Monday news release it is inviting local residents and students to stop by the cafeteria to view the exhibit or create a T-shirt of their own from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. during each day of the exhibit.


Center for New Directions
Building 5, room 591
(208) 535-5363

Julie McMurtrey
Senior Coordinator

Julie Thompson
Special Populations Counselor

Tami Nichols
Administrative Assistant