Business & Professional

Employment in business-related occupations grew by 16 percent over the last 10 years, adding about 37,000 new jobs in Idaho.

Skills Needed for Employment

In the ever-changing business landscape, employees need to remain well-versed in a variety of skills. A business's success is dependent on them being able to continue career-long learning for employees due to technological changes. Interpersonal skills are important, too; a new manager will need to navigate the wants and needs of a growing workforce with ease.

Fundamentals of Project Management

Designed for current or aspiring Project Managers lacking essential basics. Gain a comprehensive understanding of project management principles and processes. Develop skills in project initiation, planning, execution, monitoring, and closure. Understand triple constraints (scope, time & cost) in project decision making and identify project success criteria. Apply principles in real-world scenarios through mock projects. Enhance your capabilities and gain confidence as a Project Manager.

Project Scheduling

Struggling with project schedules? This course equips students with essential knowledge and skills in project schedule management. Learn standard practices, tools, and techniques for planning, creating, and controlling schedules. Gain hands-on experience in creating a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and identifying critical paths. Accurately assess project status for transparent reporting. Improved skills will benefit the students, their clients and businesses.

Project Scheduling – INL Contracts

This class is designed for those planning or pursuing an Idaho National Laboratory (INL) construction project contract. Learn INL’s reporting requirements for construction project scheduling. Explore various schedule versions for regular INL reporting. Discover scheduling software tools to efficiently deliver electronic schedules to the client. Increase project success and open doors for future INL opportunities.

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