Business Professional

Employment in business related occupations is projected to grew 16 percent over the last 10 years, adding about 37,000 new jobs in Idaho.

Skills Needed for Employment

In the ever-changing business landscape, employees need to remain well-versed in a variety of skills. A business's success is dependent on them being able to continue career-long learning for employees due to technological changes. Interpersonal skills are important, too; a new manager will need to navigate the wants and needs of a growing workforce with ease.

Gain the Skills

Supervision 101

Successfully navigate the world of supervision, managing, and building up a strong team.

Professionalism & Ethics

How do you know what the right move might be? We will talk about potential traps you might run into, and explore tools for recognizing and handling them well.

QuickBooks Certification

Learn the skills necessary to succeed in bookkeeping including: accounting principles, working with customers & vendors, processing payroll and more.

Business Writing

Take away the key practices you need to develop and hone your business writing communication effectively and successfully.

Go In-Depth*

Certified Digital Marketing Professional

A digital marketing professional is a 360-degree digital marketer with a solid foundation and working knowledge of all digital marketing domains.

Certified Persuasive Copywriter

Certified Persuasive Copywriter is an in-depth certification course that provides professionals, creatives, consultants, entrepreneurs, and business owners with the comprehensive training needed to excite, engage, and motivate audiences to take action.

LEAN Training

Lean Culture results when in the quest to provide customer value, leadership supports and promotes the building of a "problem solving muscle" within the workforce.

*Certifying exams are often required to finish. Some courses include vouchers for exams to certify. Read descriptions carefully when registering.

Career Pathways

Workforce Training and Continuing Education provides the training you need at all levels of your company, in-person or online. Our local instructors are subject-matter experts. For instance, Peggy Green, who teaches accounting skills like QuickBooks or Introduction to Payroll, has been a practicing CPA for 15 years and has over 5 years of experience with teaching students.

We partner with world-class online vendors to provide exclusive trainings and seminars not usually available in area. We offer online classes and programs like Power BI and Data Analysis certification, Digital Marketing, Administrative Assistant Prep, Customer Service, Six Sigma, and more.

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