Currently Enrolled at CEI?

CEI is a dynamic and interactive place. It may be difficult at times to keep up with academic breaks, tutoring and career exploration sessions, not to mention deadlines for advising and course selection. Here are a few quick links to help you stay on top of your game.

Laptop Loaner Program

Start here, get a laptop.
Finish a degree, keep it.

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Find Your Calm

College students often face many pressures and challenges as they pursue their education. These concerns may sometimes affect a student's ability to do well in class or to participate in daily activities. We care about your well-being and success and want to help! As a CEI degree-seeking student, you are eligible for free mental health counseling.
How is your health?

Campus Offices

These are a few of the administrative offices that provide a range of student services—from health, safety, counseling, to student activities and academic support. The following list is a list CEI offers free student services for students who need help while attending and to succeed and continue to your goals!

Need help, but not sure where to start? Student Affairs can connect you to any resource.

Building 3 Room 311
(208) 524-3000 option 4

See full list of campus offices in the Student Affairs

Get Involved

Find activities, events, and clubs to be a part of. There are various clubs students can join. CEI is happy to offer such a fun pastime on our campus.

Additional Resources

Self-Service Planning/Registration Guide (PDF)

While on campus you will need to access the computer network including a username and password.

Student Network Login (PDF)

Follow these instructions to get your e-mail account setup. Student e-mail Setup (PDF)

If you have trouble finding what you're looking for, please try the Site Map or contact the Webmaster. We want your input and appreciate your suggestions.