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The student senate represents the interests of the student body to the administration. By having members on the Safety Committee, participating in hearings, and holding other committee positions, the voice of our students are heard. The student senate also provides leadership to meetings of the student body, creates legislation concerning student activities, and looks for new way to involve students in campus life. Finally, the student senate provides guidelines and support for all approved clubs and organizations which may be formed on campus.

Being actively involved in college life can help you be more successful in your classes, build a stronger resume, and even aid in paying for school. Don’t just complain: do something about it; work with the student body and administration to make positive changes to your college. Learn communication, leadership, and diplomatic skills which you will use the rest of your life.

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Aisha Nalder

Aisha Nalder


"As a Hispanic student in the College of Eastern Idaho's Senate, I don't just represent a demographic; I embody the power of diverse perspectives, striving to inspire future young leaders to feel identified in society. Ensuring every voice is heard in the journey of shaping our education in the community.”

Cesar Flores Villa

Cesar Flores Villa

Vice President

"Dang it feels good to be a leader #CEISTUD.”

Adam Bishop

Adam Bishop


“I serve on student senate to gain leadership skills and save some money on tuition."

Taylor Calderon

Taylor Calderon


"I believe that every student deserves a community. A support system on campus where they belong and can thrive. If they can't find it, I hope to create it. That is why I joined Student Senate."

Christa Starr

Christa Starr

Healthcare Student Senator

“I joined student senate to learn leadership skills, to meet new people, and to learn more about CEI. I am also hoping I will receive some help with tuition towards one of my classes.”

Jack Iverson

Jack Iverson

Trades and Industries Student Senator

"Education is a gift that you carry with you for the rest of your life. I joined Student Senate so I could give back to the school and its community."

Below are duties the CEI Student Senate as stated in the CEI Student Senate Bylaws.

Article III.

Section 3.1 The purpose of the Student Senate shall be to function as the representative body for all students and to:

Section 3.2 Make recommendations concerning student welfare to those persons responsible for administration of school policies. This will be accomplished by having membership to the Safety Committee, participating in hearings when requested, and other committees the Administration deems necessary.

Section 3.3 Provide leadership for all meetings of the Student Body.

Section 3.4 Enact legislation concerning all student activities.

Section 3.5 Actively seek new areas of involvement at the College.

Section 3.6 Provide guidelines and support for all Student Senate approved clubs and organizations that may be formed on campus.

Section 3.7 Perform functions as follows:

  • A. Promote desirable college-public relations
  • B. Encourage acceptable student citizenship
  • C. Develop institutional morale
  • D. Encourage cooperation between students, faculty, staff and administration
  • E. Make studies of student life and recommend methods of improvement when desirable
  • F. Welcome and assist campus visitors
  • G. Assist with any and all school activities