Policies and Procedures

Welcome to the official College of Eastern Idaho (CEI) Policies and Procedures Manual. This manual provides policies and procedures to establish a standard that guides how employees conduct themselves including how we work, interact with others, and manage the business of the college. All College of Eastern Idaho employees are subject to the terms and conditions of this manual.

This manual is designed to be the primary reference document for communicating and interpreting general, human resources, administrative, and operating policies and procedures to CEI employees. Every effort is made to maintain policies and procedures that contribute to the success, strength, and stability of College of Eastern Idaho and that support the mission to “provide open-access to affordable, quality education that meets the needs of students, regional employers, and community.” New policies and procedures and changes to existing policies and procedures are adopted to accommodate current best practices and continuous improvement; to comply with changes in laws, regulations, or accreditation standards; and/or to respond to operational issues.

No policy can cover all situations, nor can policy statements substitute for good judgment and common sense. While these policies are consistent guidelines, they do not cover all situations and are not a substitute for detailed review of individual cases.

The online version of this manual is the official version and supersedes all previous versions. This manual was revised in its entirety in 2018 and 2019 in order to capture changes in policy and procedure necessitated by CEI’s transition from a technical college to a community college.

Policy vs. Procedure


The formal guidance needed to coordinate and execute activity throughout the college. Policy provides the operational framework within which the college functions.

  • The overall guidelines
  • Changes less frequently
  • States "what" and/or "why"


The operational processes required to implement policy. Procedures are how the college intends to carry out policy.

  • The detailed instructions or steps
  • Prone to change
  • States "how", "when", and/or "who"

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