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If you have an emergency, please call 911. If you need something reported to CEI Campus Security, or are unsure who to report to, please contact CEI Security Department at 208-604-4597. They are located in Bldg 1, Rm 113; On Call: 24hrs. 

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Clery Act (Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act) 

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As of their most recent evaluation, College of Eastern Idaho is compliant with the Standards, Policies and Eligibility Requirements of the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities.


Daily Crime Log

As part of College of Eastern Idaho's (CEI's) commitment to safety and security on campus, and in compliance with the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act, the College provides access to its safety and security annual reports for students, staff, and community stakeholders.

Crime Log Definitions

The following is an explanation of the terminology that CEI Campus Security uses to complete the disposition section of the crime logs.  This disposition reflects the current status or outcome of a report.

  • Active: The incident is currently being investigated by Campus Security.
  • Closed:  The incident is not currently being investigated by Campus Security.  The incident has typically been closed as no further investigation is required or the incident did not occur within CEI jurisdiction.
  • Referred to local law enforcement:  The subject(s) was referred by Campus Security to be arrested or cited by local police with jurisdiction over the area.
  • Law enforcement report:  The incident was reported to CEI from local authorities with jurisdiction over the area.  Incidents with this disposition are often in response to annual requests for crime statistics.
  • Referred for disciplinary action:  The subject(s) was referred to the Dean of Student’s office or Human Resources for disciplinary action.
  • Outside agency arrest or citation:  The incident was handled by local law enforcement who either arrested or cited the subject without referral from Campus Security.
  • Unfounded by sworn agency: The incident was determined to be false or baseless through investigation by a sworn law enforcement agency.  They determine that no offense occurred nor was it attempted.

Full Crime Log

Date/Time Reported Nature (Classification) Report # Date/Time Occurred General Location PD Case # Disposition
Feb-09-2024 Sexual Harrassment 2023018601 Feb-09-2024 , Time Unknown Building Three - Referred to Title IX investigators
Nov-30-2023 Drug Law Violation - Nov-30-2023 12:00 PM Building Five - Closed/referred to HR
Nov-08-2023 Simple Assault/hate crime/gender 1123-CEI-0043 Nov-08-2023 09:30 AM Building One 2023-41-575 Closed/referred to Student Conduct and Title IX team
Sep-12-2023 Stalking 2023002401 Sep-12-2023 , Time Unknown CEI Campus - Referred to Conduct
May-03-2023 Domestic Abuse - May-03-2023 01:45 PM CEI Campus - Closed
Jan-20-2023 Burglary 0123-CEI-004 Jan-20-2023 10:59 AM CEI main campus/various buildings 2023-2847 Referred to local law enforcement
Sep-28-2022 Grand Theft 0922-CEI-0020 Sep-28-2022 08:00 PM Campus Parking Lot - Referred to the Idaho Falls Police Department
Jul-11-2022 Petty Theft 0722-CEI-0013 Jul-11-2022 12:05 PM North Field on Campus Grounds - Open
May-25-2022 Reported Elder Abuse 0522-CEI-0011 May-25-2022 12:05 PM Building 1, Testing Center - Referred to police department
Jan-20-2022 Harrassment - Jan-20-2022 12:00 PM On Campus - Police Contacted
Apr-23-2021 Shooting/sex offender 0421-CEI-0014 Apr-23-2021 01:35 PM North field/Main campus 2021-15171 Man caught shooting pellets-warrant was executed for failure to register as sex offender
Apr-03-2021 Shooting 0421-CEI-008 Apr-03-2021 01:14 PM Between Bldgs 5 and 6 on Idaho Falls main campus 2021-11954 Non-student shot in left leg by .22 caliber bullet from north field. IFPD arrested juvenile suspect
Jan-26-2021 Motor Vehicle Theft 0121-CEI-002 Jan-26-2021 02:45 PM IF Campus Parking lot B N/A Unknown if any report was filed Student left truck running and unlocked; it was stolen. Police called but could not take report
Dec-09-2020 Threat 1220-CEI-0010 Dec-09-2020 03:56 PM Bld 3 Room 313 2020-46837 Unfounded